“THESE ARE THE TIMES THAT TRY MENS SOULS.” So wrote Thomas Paine in the darkest hours of our struggle for liberty.

The picture you see here was painted by Arnold Friberg to recall the winter of 1777-78, at the most discouraging time in our revolutionary war.

Prayer at Valley ForgeThe Americans had been defeated by the British, and were fast losing all hope. It was at such a time that General Washington humbly beseeched his God for the strength and the resolution to endure.

The Prayer at Valley Forge was painted to remind Americans of the deep spiritual roots of our beloved country, to recall a place of cold, and pain and sacrifice, to pay tribute to the tall and lonely man who alone held the struggling nation together, General Washington, driven to his knees there in the bitter snows of Valley Forge.

“WE TRUST THAT THIS PAINTING WILL create a lasting legacy that can be viewed and remembered by all citizens and visitors as a symbol of this nation’s birth that eloquently communicates the need for prayer in guiding the people and leaders of the United States of America.”

– Peter Dominy C.E.O. Friberg Fine Art, Inc.

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