by OCF Home Office

As Officers’ Christian Fellowship’s part in the prayer campaign of the North American AMCF Week of Prayer, 22-28 JAN 2012, we are asking each OCF fellowship group to forego the normal weekly group agenda for that one day/evening and spend the time in prayer instead.

OCF is a participating member of the Association of Military Christian Fellowships for the North American Region (U.S., Canada, and Caribbean), and the Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Service (ACCTS) is one of three primary supporting organizations behind AMCF. The Military Christian Fellowships in the armed forces and police of Canada, the U.S., and the Caribbean are playing a key role through prayer, fasting, and personal example. Below are details of the prayer effort, and suggested prayer topics to add to the prayers your group normally offers.


  • Local OCF leaders & groups
  • Chaplains, pastors
  • Para-church ministries
  • Military Christian Fellowships
  • Other groups of believers


Time of Prayer and Fasting for,

  • Military men and women
  • Veterans
  • Families

WHEN: 22-28 JAN 2012


  • Local OCF fellowship groups
  • Chapels, churches
  • Homes


  • Devote some or all off your regular meeting during this week to prayer and fasting for military families
  • A special service, such as in the OCF home office
  • Special outreach event to men & women on duty, in hospital, in detention or confinement or prison
  • Prayers on base or in your local church
  • Organize a special prayer event, such as an Hour of Prayer
  • 24/7 Prayer Vigil for military people and veterans and their families 
  • Build a “Wall of Prayer” around the military community in this time of need


  • Men & women in uniform and their families
  • Veterans and their families
  • The transformation of individuals, chaplains, military Christian fellowships in the North American, Canadian, and Caribbean region
  • To show us how to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Rom. 12:2)
  • Military families who are in crisis or desperate situations
  • Our enemies, and how the Lord will show us how we can begin to minister to them in the matchless love of Christ
  • A “Wall of Prayer” around our military forces, veterans, and families