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OCF Purpose: “To glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society.”


Officers’ Christian Fellowship is asking all members and friends to join in prayer and fasting to lift up the ministry of OCF and seek the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. When we began the Growing & Building Campaign many people prayed for 40 days, seeking the counsel of the Lord. He has blessed that prayer initiative immeasurably beyond anything we could have asked, and we are thankful for His provision.

Here’s what you need to know

OCF Leaders: Please ask members of your local fellowship to consider being a part of the OCF Day of Prayer on Wednesday, 11 April 2012. Take some extra time in your group that week to pray for OCF and the Spring Canyon Phase of the Growing & Building Campaign. 

Where we are today

By God’s faithfulness and through your gifts and prayers we have completed the beautiful new Heritage House at White Sulphur Springs. The first phase of the Growing & Building Campaign is complete, opening up ministry to many more service men and women and their families. It’s all about how we come alongside to embolden them in their faith, equip them to be the leaders God has called them to be, encourage them as they run their race, and help them engage others through their Christian witness.

Ministry expansion

From the beginning, the goal of the campaign has been to increase capacity at the OCF conference centers with the express purpose of expanding the ministry and reaching the next generation for Christ. 

The 2012 OCF day of prayer initiative

  • The Lord led us to expand.
  • He has abundantly provided the beautiful new Heritage House at White Sulphur Springs.
  • We are now in the Spring Canyon Phase of the Growing & Building Campaign, and must move forward as the Lord leads.

With the massive drawdown of troops, and other external forces that are coming against Christians in the military, we need to pray for God’s wisdom.

What’s my role in this ministry? 

  • What would God want you to do in this great mission to our military society? Ask Him to show you how He wants you to join with Him in where He is already working to get it done. He may be leading you to:
  • Participate in one of the many programs available at Spring Canyon or White Sulphur Springs
  • Make it financially possible for someone else to go to a cadet retreat, family camp, youth program, church or chapel retreat or leadership training like Anchor Points, Climb On! or Rocky Mountain High
  • Start or lead a new OCF Bible study
  • Serve on the OCF Council
  • Give or pledge to help complete the Spring Canyon Phase of the Growing & Building Campaign
  • Commit to pray regularly for OCF and the campaign
  • Reach out to service men and women and their families
  • Volunteer in your local OCF group, in the home office, at an OCF conference center, or in a military ministry in your local chapel or church

Pray, Discover, Obey: How did God speak to me personally?

A simple, but often effective way to conduct your own Pray, Discover and Obey, either individually or with others, is to use the time-honored ACTS method. This leads you through the steps of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. We often pray this way before OCF Council meetings and find that it is a good way to calm our hearts and bring us into a place of prayer and worship before the Living God. For more information about Pray, Discover, Obey, follow this link.

Suggested topics for personal or corporate prayer

  • God has led us this far in our Growing & Building Campaign. Lift up OCF and how we can cooperate with Him in moving forward.
  • God’s wisdom for the OCF Council as they meet at White Sulphur Springs, 19 – 22 April. The Day of Prayer leads up to the spring OCF Council meeting (19 – 22 APR, at WSS). Imagine how the prayers of our entire membership could impact your Council and the decisions they make for the future of the OCF ministry! 
  • For many more OCF members and friends to join in the Spring Canyon Phase of the Growing & Building Campaign through prayer, active participation, and giving. 
  • For military Christians and the challenges and opportunities God is setting before them.
  • For specific ways to help fulfill the OCF purpose. 

Scripture passages to assist and embolden you as you invoke the name of the Lord and call on Him in praise, asking for His help, provision, and protection: 

Let us hear from you!

We would like to hear about all the ways God may be leading and speaking as a result of your faithfulness through prayer and fasting. Please email us at: We would very much like to hear from you.