Highlights from August

Special Activities

PAIR Day. Tim coordinated the combined chapels’ participation in Fort Leavenworth’s Post Activities Information and Registration (PAIR) Day on 13 August 2016. The Catholic, Episcopal, Liturgical, Gospel, and Traditional & Contemporary Protestant Services were represented as well as the following ministries: Youth For Christ, AWANA, PWOC, MOC, Alpha, Precepts, and the Gideons International. Tim participated in the event and promoted OCF, Neighborhood Bible Studies, the Mentoring Ministry, and the Discipleship Breakfast. Some good connections were made and ministry information was distributed.

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity

The Tuesday Morning Discipleship Breakfast kicked off on 2 August 2016. During the month of August, we averaged about 40 people each week and covered the following topics: “Who is Jesus?”, “What is a Disciple?”, “Jesus’ Eight Criteria of a True Disciple”, and “Making Disciples.” We have a great mix of young and old(er), active duty and retired, military and civilian, and men and women so far this year. For the remainder of 2016 we will use David Platt’s “Personal Disciple-Making Plan” from his book “Follow Me” as our framework as we discuss the Bible, our relationship with God, sharing our faith, how we serve in the Body of Christ, how we reach the nations, and how we make disciple-makers by investing in the lives of a few. We are excited for a great year of Tuesday mornings!

God Sightings of the Month

Come and See! God is at work in the neighborhoods at Fort Leavenworth! Following our Neighborhood Bible Study Kick-Off Conference on 30 July 2016, our Bible Study leaders hit the streets and invited their neighbors to “come and see” what Neighborhood Bible Studies are all about. Some neighborhoods held ice cream socials, some pot luck meals, and others brought people in with popsicles. Here are some of the reports from Area Coordinators:

  • “We had 11 more families sign up. Many of whom came because someone came to their door earlier this week.” —Santa Fe Village
  • “Went great! We had seven families attend.” —Shawnee Village
  • “…just did our popsicle social this evening. [We] went door to door, put flyers on mail boxes, and used Facebook to recruit this past two weeks. Not counting our two families, seven other families attended the social. Four of those families committed to the study and two families are a maybe. Overall, we are encouraged. It looks like we will have at least one healthy neighborhood study. I am praying for more.” —Pottawatomie Village
  • “…about half of those that have connected with us [through social events] are not on the list*” —Kickapoo Village

*Tim provided all of the area coordinators with a list of individuals who expressed interest in Neighborhood Bible Studies during in-processing or at chapel.


We are working through the stages of team development with our ministry team (Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing). Last year we inherited the team that was already in place and they helped us immensely in our first year of ministry. This year, we formed a new team (they were mentioned by name in last month’s report) and we have been learning how to work together and lead the ministry. Our desire is to maximize the skills, abilities, and gifts of this great group of folks and to come together as one in spirit and purpose. Please pray for us to that end!

Ministry Partners

We have been encouraged by the new group of chaplains who are leading and ministering through the Fort Leavenworth Protestant Chapel Community this year. They are supportive of the OCF ministry, genuinely care for each other, love Jesus, and have a great vision for Christian community here at Fort Leavenworth. It is very encouraging to support them and minister alongside them every day!

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