Highlights for August

Special Activities. Our family hosted a welcome social for new students and permanent party personnel one Saturday this month. We served ice cream and toppings while getting to know one another with the hope that God will build relationships over the coming year that lead to deeper gospel impacts. We pray that God weaves strong connections among all here.

I met Lt Luke Grossman on Facebook using OCF’s new community page. This then led to an opportunity for Chet Arnold and I to visit Fort Rucker and engage with a number of young aviation leaders in order to talk about integrating faith and profession, supporting the chaplaincy, doing small group Bible study, and even explain why there is an Officers’ Christian Fellowship body. They appreciated it enough that Tami and I have been invited back, this time to talk to “Dr. Mike’s Bible study” on a similar topic (a group from one of the local churches).

We hosted the Squadron Officers School (SOS) captains over to the house for a pre-graduation social. They enjoyed relaxed fellowship while we got to encourage them to go back to their bases/schools and serve courageously and with a disciplined lifestyle. Two of the students are chaplains who expressed thankfulness for OCF’s support of their work. One of the other students has already reached back for how to get connected to a local OCF study.

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity. We began a full complement of weekly Bible studies the first week of August. We’re now enjoying seeing God teach and train us through the Christian Leadership Breakfasts, Men’s Study and Fellowship, Air War College (AWC) study, and Friday evening dinners and Bible studies. The final ROTC Saturday night service of the summer happened in August. Now I keep thinking how nice it is to be home (not on the road!) and back to developing deeper friendships within the context of a regular schedule. I like consistency and I delight to have time to think, to read, and to share.

God Sightings of the Month. The visible work of God is in our home and in the lives of everyone we engage with. The most evident work of the Holy Spirit that I’m been enjoying seeing is the change in each of our kids who went to White Sulphur Springs and Spring Canyon to serve. It is always very hard for them to say farewell to close friends as well as a fun way of living in order to return to the routine of family and school. This year, however, it is evident that they were praying for preparation to return with joy. I wouldn’t say things are always happy, but there is a contentment and maturity which I haven’t seen in previous years.

Challenges/Concerns. I need to stay engaged with graduates while developing new intimacy with students who are in town right now. I want to communicate personal love and affection for graduates while also asking them to consider supporting the Maxwell-Gunter ministry in enabling link-ups, in prayer and in financial support. I’m convicted by James 4:17, that knowing the good I should do means that I can’t say that I’ll get around to something tomorrow as if I know that tomorrow will exist or that I will have the health and time to do that something. I need to manage my time so that procrastination becomes less of a habit.

Ministry Partner. One of last year’s Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) graduates has turned around and become ACSC faculty. In coordination with the chaplains he has begun a lunch-time faculty study in Chapel 2 and it is meeting such a need that it is very well attended every week. What a blessing that he took the initiative!

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