Highlights from August

Special Activities

The “wetting down” tradition runs deep in the culture of the Naval Services. Usually it is connected to a promotion, but has been commandeered in Naval Aviation as an excuse to throw your friends in the water for almost any reason. If the victim struggles and is an able contender, then everyone goes in! Judging by the size of the gentlemen pictured here, you may be able to imagine the “clash of the titans” that occurred on this Pensacola summer evening. Good news, it all ended with smiles!

We were privileged to serve as the “mentor couple” at White Sulphur Springs for the last R&R week and the end of summer weekend retreat. Our duties included leading a morning devotion and making ourselves available for prayer and counseling. What an incredible 10 days at WSS! We laughed, cried, listened and dug into Scripture with some dear folks who, like us, are making their way through this life seeking to know God more. We continue to learn that life’s circumstances, the failures and successes, the trials and tests do not define us. We are defined only by who we are in Christ. That is sometimes hard to grasp when we are bewildered and overwhelmed and it is then that we must to choose to rejoice in knowing that God’s Holy Spirit empowers us as we grab ahold of God’s word and His people and press on!

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity

Wednesday nights at Hillview include dinner, praise, prayer, study and fellowship. The dynamics vary a bit depending on the group of folks involved. Currently, the group includes some very dynamic personalities! Some arrive early and stay late and the conversations are animated and, at times, a bit raucous! This same group, however, is more service-oriented and there is practically no clean up required at the end of the evening after they have all left. We recently took an extended trip to VA, MD and PA to serve at WSS and to see our new grandson! While we were gone, one of the young men lived in our home and kept things going. The Wednesday night study flourished with two flight instructors leading the Bible study and everyone pitching in to make dinner happen. It is very encouraging to be around young men and women who have a passion for Christ-centered fellowship and a heart for service.

God Sightings of the Month

One of the wives of a flight student approached Michelle to ask for advice on some important issues she and her husband are discussing. Apparently, the current Bible study on Romans has led to some convictions and a desire to understand how to live obediently to what they are hearing from God’s word. Pray for listening ears, wisdom and insight, particularly for Michelle as she begins to spend some time with this young lady who desperately wants to know and obey her Lord more.

Ministry Partner

On 07 July, the Pensacola Parachurch Pals gathered once again at Hillview for food, fellowship and prayer. We currently consist of OCF, Navigators (two families), CRU Military, Christian Military Fellowship, and Cadence International. God continues to answer prayers as those He has called here to Pensacola partner together for His glory. The struggles of one member of the group mentioned in the February report have abated through the faithful prayers of all and the listening ear of one of our Pals. Chet also had the opportunity to meet Hous Waring at Ft Rucker on Saturday 27 August to join with some young men and women who are interested in coming together for some Bible-centered fellowship. There were two other visitors from Pensacola who are currently in USAF CSO training at NAS Pensacola and who we had not previously met. So, many thanks to Hous for arranging the Ft. Rucker meeting. We are now connected to two more flight students in Pensacola and hopefully OCF Ft Rucker got a shot in the arm.

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