Labor Day Retreat

Objective: Develop Christian Community, Equip Leaders, Encourage, Fellowship

Comment: Labor Day retreat was amazing. Of course the traditional capture the flag on the water between the 2 islands continued and David Rose was finally victorious in tipping over my kayak. We had almost double the cadets from the previous year-60. Good strong showing of 4/c and 3/c. The spirit moved mightily as we went into the bonfire portion. I encouraged those to share prayer requests and testimonies; the 4c cadets needed to share and they felt accepted and loved in their new Christian community. That was probably the most significant part of the retreat-their acceptance in a Christian Community. This type of open relationships will help their spiritual growth process, getting real with one another. The Chaplains we have are a good pair and their focus was on God’s love for you and loving others. Christy and I had good opportunities to get one on one mentoring as well as small groups

We had 4 folks baptized. 1 was a result of Christy’s patient perseverance with one young lady over the last year who has made a new commitment to the Lord. Another young lady approached Christy and wanted to discuss more about baptism and she got baptized after everyone dispersed.

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