Highlights from November and October

Special Activities

As part of the regional focus here in Pensacola Michelle, Evan, Drew and I travelled to Jacksonville to visit OCF JAX. We also were able to meet with some other OCF friends we know from Pensacola who recently received their wings and are currently in the FRS at JAX. Chandler and Michelle Hasemeyer host and lead OCF JAX. Chandler emailed me earlier this year explaining that none of the OCF POC’s on the website were still in the JAX area. They either PCS’d or were on deployment. Therefore, he informed me, he and his wife were going to start an OCF study! My reply, as you can imagine, was to thank him for his initiative and offer to help in any way. We were pleased to finally get to meet them.

Also, we were able to meet some friends from Pensacola for breakfast who had quietly asked us a year ago, when they were here, to pray for them. They want children and were unsuccessful in their attempts. Recently, in JAX, the doctors discovered some issues that appeared to dash their hopes. They continued to ask for prayer and when they went in for their final doctor visit the tests and scans found no evidence that anything had ever been wrong. They are now pregnant with twins who are due in March! Heads up Larry and Bobbie, they will be in your area when the babies are born!

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity

The Hillview OCF Ladies study on Saturdays gives the women an opportunity to develop relationships, which allows them to discuss important issues in their lives and work together to understand them biblically. The ladies use a GroupMe text to pass information about the study and other things they do together. When someone PCS’s they can remove themselves from the GroupMe list. So far, no one has! They enjoy 2-3 hours together on Saturdays diving into the Word and deepening their relationships. One-to-one discipleship with Michelle is one of the byproducts and also some peer-to-peer discipleship. One family with 5 children has made arrangements so mom can be here on Saturdays. Not only is it a time for her to relax, but because she has more recent experience in the Fleet the younger ladies very much enjoy her perspective on life, especially since she sees life experiences through the lens of Scripture. Our prayer is that this group will continue to minister to these ladies and those who follow them in the coming months and years.

God Sightings of the Month.

One of the couples involved in the marriage study this fall has been prompted by the Holy Spirit to deal with some underlying issues they have been ignoring. This prompting came as a direct result of what they heard in the study! They have approached us about helping them work through these issues. We continue to praise God for how he is using our marriage, which Christ fully restored, to minister to others going through similar issues. It is always cause for praise when someone responds obediently to the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is doubly so when we get to be a part of what God is doing in their lives. Our prayer is that their marriage will soon be fully armored up and ready for battle (Ephesians 6:10-18) as God reveals to the world through their marriage the mystery of Christ and His bride (Ephesians 5:32).


The challenge of being focused both on the local Pensacola area and also on reaching out to a region continues to be central in our prayers. So far we have visited OCF as far away as Corpus Christi TX, Jacksonville FL and Meridian MS. These locales are a natural extension of the Pensacola ministry considering they are common destinations for those we meet here. We are establishing what we think is an appropriate regional rhythm during any given year. The regional retreat, this year planned for Ft Benning, is also part of this regional focus and it’s great to be on that team with the Warings and the Hoskins.

Ministry Partner

The Parachurch Pals of Pensacola continue to meet and pray for one another, not to mention enjoy a good lunch together. We hosted this luncheon at Hillview on 06 October. While this act of hospitality does not seem like much on the surface, the feedback says different. This occasional meal together in our home has strengthened relationships and seems to provide somewhat of an oasis. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve in this way.

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