Cadets Mentoring Cadets, Leading Prayer Groups and Bible Studies

Goal: Practicing Faith in Uniform

Cadets are learning and practicing leading with their faith and making disciples. The men’s study is studying Daniel, led by Cadet John, who is being mentored by Pastor Dave Moser, former CG Lieutenant. There are 12 cadets that come together to study the word. Cadets are mentoring, leading prayer groups, discipling, leading studies and accountability groups. The ladies also are doing a great in depth study of Jeremiah, being led by Sara Estevez. The cadets, on their own initiative, are leading a 16 member team to go to Haiti during their spring break to assist with the Hurricane relief as well as nation building, and gospel sharing.

Prayer Alert: Please pray for their effectiveness and for funding.

Chaplain Teaching Point: After Jesus told the disciples to forgive their brother over and over, in Luke 17:5 they expressed needing much greater faith to do it! He shared with them that faith as a mustard seed that is humble before the Lord as a servant that received only a reward from the Master/Father is capable of great deeds, such as forgiveness.

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