Caroling, Soups, S’mores at Shepherd’s Fold

Goal: Fellowship, Relationship Building, Encouragement, Evangelism, Spiritual Growth

Our end-of-year caroling event gets the cadets out for a study break during finals. Many non-Christian or non-OCF cadets come. Our chaplains and Ministry Volunteers come as well. We have a bonfire, soup, s’mores, cookies, and carol in the neighborhood. Some cadets spend the night. This year, I told a Christmas story, unlike a normal Christmas story. This one is about a pregnant camel in Afghanistan and a young Catholic Marine from L.A. who knew nothing about vet work, but out of the love for Christ during the Christmas season, this Lance Corporal saved the mother camel, by turning the baby camel around and pulling out the still born that was trapped in the mother.

Later, that Lance Corporal briefly returned home to his wife during a complicated pregnancy. The Battalion Commander shared with the village leaders the situation and asked if they would pray for the young Corporal as many had heard the camel story. Each time, they stopped to pray for the Lance Corporal, because of his testimony of compassion that echoed throughout the most violent province in Afghanistan, Helmund, in the Nawa district, so much that Marines experienced almost no casualties there in the next 4 years. Christ’s love wins and he came 2,000 years ago to die for our sins.

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