Friday Night Fellowship

Goal: Spiritual Growth, Discipleship, Fellowship, Praise, Encouraging

I spoke on Daniel, who may be the best example of a leader in the Bible—even more so than Nehemiah. Why? Here are three reasons:

1. He loved God intensely, prayed 3 times a day when he was the busiest man in the kingdom even though it cost him his life. As such, God blessed him with incredible dreams and visions that were only given to one other person 500 years later who also had a very intimate relationship with Christ.

2. He loved his Boss. He did not just act loving, but he loved him like a family member in spite of the fact that Nebuchadnezzer killed his family and friends, and destroyed his temple. He served him wholeheartedly, holding onto nothing, abandoning his resentment. As a result, his love and humility made huge progress for the kingdom, Nebuchadnezzer becomes a Christian, the temple gets rebuilt, and Daniel becomes the No. 2 man in the nation!

3. He loves his neighbors even though they are idol worshipers, false magicians, etc. With gentleness and respect he shares his ‘30-sec testimony’ with all, expressing who God is to him. Not many Christians are able to do this.

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