USAFA: Highlights from August

Special Activities

Chaplain’s Picnic: OCF supports the Chaplain’s Picnic each year. This year we were in charge of the food line. BUT, the big focus is on meeting new freshman cadets and telling them about OCF. Our upper class OCF cadets get excited about this event. They love to tell the OCF story and meet as many freshmen as possible. This year we interacted with over 200 cadets; 190 of them signed up to receive OCF email updates. It was a great success. This event is key to initially getting the word out about OCF. AND, the chaplains were super thankful for all our help. OCF upper class cadets do a great job getting out and encouraging, informing the new folks from the class of 2020. They tell the OCF story and get folks signed up on our distribution list so they will get our email.

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity

Monday Night SPIRE kicks off: Excitement was in the air. Upper class cadets looked for each other after a long summer. Freshman poured in and were welcomed to OCF. The ministry team is set and ready to engage in creating community and providing the environment for Biblical growth in our cadets! Thank you Lord! Praying for continued momentum through the semester. After Worship and announcements, we break out into Academic year classes or Topical Bible studies lead by the upper class.

God Sightings of the Month

Allie Benedetti: Here is a photo of Allie meeting with some of the OCF ladies. Allie loves the Lord and is so excited to pour into the lives of several cadets. She is brand new to this type of ministry, but her heart for the Lord just overflows to the cadet ladies! She meets several ladies during the week at USAFA. This is the heart of our ministry here.

Ladies Group meets on Wednesday evenings: Rita, Karen Brandt, Allie Benedetti, Kate Toms—minister in a special way to the women of OCF. They are working through a study of the fruit of the Spirit. Each week they focus on one fruit–study the Word and write about it as it pertains to their lives. They do some fun and creative things as you can see in this photo. Around 22 women are involved in this study.

Ministry Partner

Great start to the ministry year with the other protestant ministry leaders. We appreciate the good partnership we have—CRU, NAV, BSU, RUF and OCF! Additionally, we have several new chaplains at USAFA and they are great. We are enjoying good partnership with them. The Lord is blessing this.

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