USNA: Highlights from July

Special Activities

Class of 2020 Sunday morning Bible study: Leading a Bible study called “Walking the Wise Walk at USNA”. During this time we are able to encourage and connect with many more during the fellowship between Sunday morning services and Bible study.

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity

Rocky Mountain High: Rocky Mountain High continues in the month of July as several more sessions are completed. Overall we will have 36 students participate in RMH this summer as they enjoy the great outdoors and climbing to the top of a 14K mountain in Colorado. The week long session is centered on leading like Christ! Great program put on by Kim Hawthorne and Heath Wharton and all the other guides.

Sighting of the Month

Great connecting with the Class of 2020 and be with them in Bible study. Great to see a real hunger for God’s word and for fellowship each week.

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