USAFA: Highlights from November

Special Activities

USAFA work retreat at Spring Canyon

From Kim Hawthorne regarding the work retreat: “Work party just left. They did an awesome job. They did the workload that would take Alex three weeks to do—much appreciated!! PK did a nice job helping supervise. Cadet work parties are very effective. Let’s try to get more in the future because it really helps us out. They all seem to have a great time.”

Cadet’s love helping out at Spring Canyon. I’ve seen that time serving like this at camp connects their hearts to Spring Canyon in a way that nothing else can! All had a great time. Only one injury—scratched cornea from a tree branch. They all want to do this again!

Two more cadets receive Jesus

Praise to the Lord! He is continually working in lives of cadets. Two more cadets said yes to Jesus this month and received Him as their Savior and Lord. We rejoice. In Jonah, he reminds us, “Salvation is from the LORD.”

Danny Byram mini-concert

Danny and Angela came out to USAFA for a mini-concert on 7 November. Most of these cadets had never met Danny. We always want cadets to know who Danny is and how great his music is. One of our sophomores grew up listening to Danny’s CD’s and saw him in concert several times. It was a very special time for Daniel!

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity

OCF Ladies Wednesday night Bible study: The Lord continues to use Rita and Karen in the lives of about 20 cadet ladies. They meet on Wednesday after dinner and encourage one another. There is always a scriptural focus with an associated craft or activity to cement the concept. The ladies love both. God has used this group to encourage many who might have been on the “fringe” of our ministry. Now, many more are consistently coming to be encouraged and taught in the Lord.

God Sightings of the Month

PK Carlton, Lindsey and the boys: PK and Lindsey Carlton and their three boys—they are God’s provision for our ministry team. PK and Lindsey work with the class of 2020, the Doolie class! Their love for the Lord, love for the cadets and experience as Christian leaders in the Air Force is making a huge impact on these young men and women. We are thankful for their labor and love!

Ministry Partners

USAFA Chaplains: OCF had great support for an All SPIRE Sunday worship service. We are supporting the chaplains and encouraging cadets to make the Chapel a place to serve! The chaplains really appreciate the help and service our cadets have provided.

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