Highlights from November 2016

Special Activities. Our family hosted 20 cadets and an Iowa ANG family to the house for a pre-graduation social. This was a fun time of playing ultimate, grilling pizza, sipping espresso and enjoying milkshakes. The gathering was a time for the cadets to know one another more intimately, for us to get to know them outside the Officer Training School (OTS) Bible study environment, and to develop some memories together which might encourage future ministry and fellowship. Three of these cadets remained in casual status and joined us for Sunday evening worship and then five Lt’s joined us for our Thanksgiving meal.

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity. The new Squadron Officer School (SOS) class of captains is dynamic—eleven of them jumped right in the first week and stirred the Bible study to deep and theologically sound discussion levels. Tami and I have left these SOS Bible studies rejoicing that God is moving the hearts and minds of his sheep through the written word so that all are built up in fellowship.

God Sightings of the Month. One of our local officers is under significant stress due to cyber, physical and emotional attacks being made on him and a very close friend. This level of terror is seldom felt by our family or the local ministry. What an amazing thing that God has brought about this level of engagement needed to protect and minister to the life of a precious man and woman. I need regular wisdom to know how to counsel, pray, encourage and assist. There is no mistaking that the chaplains and local commanders are grateful to have us here at this time.

Challenges/Concerns. I need to prepare for speaking at the end of the month while also traveling to California and then Virginia before we celebrate Christmas. This weighs on me as I have been making a lot of notes over the last several months. May God lead me to handle his word faithfully.

Ministry Partner. I will meet with the Travis AFB local leadership next week. One of the OCF leaders wants to introduce me to some of the K-LOVE leadership who have a heart for military ministry. Pray that these meetings go well. I will also meet with a TSgt who has figured out how to lead OCF fellowship during reserve drill weekends, and I also hope to meet with another sergeant who will be coming to Officer Training School (OTS) in January. Also please pray for meetings with Beale AFB OCF members, chaplains, and Travis AFB chaplains.

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