USAFA: Highlights from September

Special Activities

Open House for Parents’ Weekend

Home smoked pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, lots of desserts + mix in happy cadets and their families = a great OCF open house.

110 people in our home rejoicing that their sons and daughters have Christian fellowship, encouragement and training through OCF at the Air Force Academy. It is always a joy to get to know the parents of our OCF cadets. Some for the first time, others coming for their fourth year, but all are thankful for OCF in the lives of their children. The purpose for the open house: Rita and I and the ministry team enjoy answering questions and telling everyone about the OCF ministry. The parent relationships fostered here continue well into the future. We are blessed by such a great group of parents.

Highlighted Weekly/Routine Activity

Monday Night SPIRE Topical Studies begin

12 Upper class cadets are committed to study, pray and teach key topics in the Christian life. They partner with a ministry team couple as they learn through practical experience. The other underclass cadets who attend the seminars are also blessed by the leaders and their example of serving. All six topics are presented on Mondays. Cadets choose one topic and stay in that class for the entire semester. We are training cadets in their faith on many levels through this topical approach. Here are the topics we are covering this semester.


  • Romans
  • Evangelism, A Way of Life
  • Guidance and God’s Will
  • Jesus’ Leadership
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Your Life in Christ: Know What You Believe

God Sightings of the Month

OCF Class of 2006, reunion/open house

Here is a photo of some of the folks from the OCF class of 2006. All are continuing in the faith and walking with the Lord. After 10 years they have experienced deep waters and great joys. In it all, the Lord remains faithful to bring them through. They are a great encouragement to Rita and me. Pray for all our alumni that they will continue to abide in Him and bear much fruit.


Ministry at a military academy has its own set of challenges: scheduling, changes, high levels of cadets stress and more. The Lord is moving and His hand is on this ministry. Fruit is evident and with that, spiritual warfare too. For me (Steve), the daily desire to be on God’s agenda balancing time meeting with cadets and ministry team and also doing all the” behind the scenes” administration, personal preparation and planning for each meeting as well as preparation for teaching—takes constant attention.

Ministry Partner

Chaplain Walker is new at the Air Force Academy Chapel this year. He came from Offutt AFB, NE. Chaplain Walker is in charge of all the Monday night SPIRE programs. Chaplain Walker has really improved the partnership and joy of serving with the Chaplains and our ability to minister with the cadets in SPIRE and throughout the week. His leadership has encouraged all the groups and cadets in their faith walks.

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