2012-2016 Strategic Goals

OCF Strategic Goals and Objectives: 2012-2016

To position OCF to accomplish God's will in 2012-2016, we must employ a new, comprehensive approach to the ministry that supports our Purpose and Vision, aligns with our values and core competencies, and builds on the previous strategy.

We are moving to a new framework that focuses on our three levels of ministry and service: Grow, Serve, and Support. OCF enables its members to be living stones, built into a spiritual house so that we all might offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Christ Jesus. OCF is about ministry. These are the three levels:

  • Grow: Build up the member and family in their faith, walk, stewardship, and response to God's call to minister.
  • Serve: Members expressing their faith in service in the community, workplace, chapels and churches, and personal witness.
  • Enable and Support: Corporate-level support of the membership to accomplish the ministry.


GOAL 1: Grow

Members and Families Growing in Christ. Produce mature members and healthy families, connected with others in OCF and growing in their knowledge and application of biblical truth, integrating faith and profession with excellence, demonstrating a sense of stewardship and ownership in OCF, and answering the call to serve Christ from within the military.


  • 1.1 Programs/Activities: Establish, implement, and strengthen programs and activities that encourage Christian fellowship, spiritual growth and healing, prayer, and connection to the larger OCF family.
  • 1.2 Materials: Provide appropriate Christian materials to foster growth in Biblical knowledge and the personal and professional application of scriptural truth.
  • 1.3 Calling: Emphasize the Biblical case for serving Christ within the military as a legitimate, honorable calling for a Christian, and the responsibility of every Christian to serve Him with personal and professional excellence and integrity.
  • 1.4 Integrating Faith: Train, educate, inform and support members regarding proper ways to integrate faith and profession in different military settings throughout their careers.


GOAL 2: Serve

Members Working to Serve Others (Volunteers Leaders and Fellowships). Military leaders with a dynamic ministry of service, outreach, and example within the military community. 


  • 2.1 Service: Foster an attitude of Christ-like compassion and desire to engage our OCF membership with an aim to heal, restore, establish, train and equip, and strengthen leaders and their families.
  • 2.2 Faith-Integration: Instruct members on appropriate ways to integrate their faith through word and deed within their sphere of influence in the military workplace and community.
  • 2.3 Retiree support: Mobilize retirees to assist and support OCF in its work of ministry, outreach, spiritual growth, and service.
  • 2.4 Coaching: Show, teach, challenge, and encourage OCF members to image Christ through their professional excellence and personal character.
  • 2.5 Synchronize: OCF members develop a synergy among local OCF ministries, chaplains, local churches, and other military para-church ministries.


GOAL 3: Enable and Support

Corporate-Level Support of the Membership. Identify, develop, align, communicate, resource, manage and execute OCF programs and activities that encourage and equip leaders for broader, more effective ministry.


  • 3.1 Development: Maintain a comprehensive development, mentoring and training program to meet the needs of the OCF membership and their families across the continuum of their spiritual, professional, and OCF identities.
  • 3.2 Communication: Continuously improve OCF's use of communication methods and technologies in order to encourage and equip our membership, its families, and the corporate level to connect with each other and those outside the membership in a broad, interactive, and generationally- and culturally-relevant manner, ensuring usage of the latest social networking tools.
  • 3.3 Measurements: Develop realistic, quantifiable, and targeted metrics: linkages between budget and objectives, between revenues and programs that will guide staff ministry and emphasize financial accountability across OCF.
  • 3.4 Growing and Building: Complete the OCF Growing and Building Campaign.
  • 3.5 Staffing Plan: Maintain an effective staffing plan for deploying OCF field staff representatives based on projected force concentrations and OCF funding capacity.