• A Matter of Valor

    The Valor movement stands in the gap on the college campuses.

  • Beyond Butter Bar

    Often unseen in life's "lucky breaks" are the preparation, prayer--and waiting--for the opportunities from God.

  • Double-Minded

    May we boldly encourage the lifestyle our mottos, creeds, and principles promote--in order that we may not be put to shame.

  • Four lessons in leadership for young warriors

    When commissioned at an OCF bar-pinning ceremony twenty years ago, I was ready to take on the world, but acutely aware I knew little about leadership and military service! Through mistakes and the Lord’s patient refinement, I learned that the Bible is the greatest leadership manual ever written, but we must apply its timeless truths to the circumstances of our lives.

  • Man of the In-Between

    "Rotcy" opened the door to the most potent educational experience of my life.

  • OCF academy and ROTC photos
  • We Know This Place Too Well

    When we know how much we can't understand, we witness the birth of awe, wonder, and adventure.

  • What is Required of Me?

    Become a person who influences others for Christ.

  • You Are Commissioned

    You are commissioned to do the Lord's work as professional military servants.