Executive Director

  • And the Verdict Is?

    How would a jury of your peers judge your Christian walk?

  • Beyond Butter Bar

    Often unseen in life's "lucky breaks" are the preparation, prayer--and waiting--for the opportunities from God.

  • Encouragement: A Powerful Tool Against the Enemy

    Combating Satan’s tool of discouragement requires confident faith in Jesus Christ, that unutterable trust of knowing He is always standing with us through all life’s bewildering fires. 

  • Finding certainty in an uncertain world

    We live in a hurting world of people desperate for answers. As a Christian, you already have the answer—Christ in your heart. If you have successfully guarded your face, heart and mind, when uncertainty strikes those you lead will look to you and find comfort and confidence. And they will also be curious about the source of your peace.

  • How do others see you?

    How do others see you fulfilling your dual commissions? Do they see a leader who cares for them with the heart of Jesus, who is humble, grace-filled and selfless, and who ultimately serves the One and only Lord? As you serve your nation and serve your Lord, you will have ample opportunities to shine the Light of Christ through your love and service to others.

  • How do you see others?

    Do you see others as the Lord sees them, as diamonds waiting to be set free to achieve their full potential? Steward leadership is taking care of the people who have been “given” to you, developing their full potential, and earning you those wonderful words from the ultimate Steward Leader, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.”

  • How does the Lord see you?

    Not many of us give much thought to that question on a daily basis. And truthfully, some days I may not really want to know the answer. But knowing how the Lord sees us is something we must consider because the answer dramatically affects our calling. 

  • How’s Your Light Shining?

    Now a few months removed from us celebrating “the light that came into the world” of Christmas, I wonder, how is your light shining? Is it strong and steady? Dim or no longer illuminated? Or have you switched over to the strobe mode of distress? In OCF’s ministry efforts, our eight Spiritual Pillars help keep our spiritual lights lit, serving as headlamps to illuminate the pathways of our programs and actions with Christ’s light brightly burning.

  • Keys to integrating faith and profession as a leader

    Congratulations on your commission! Now what? You have walked the long hard road, surviving to receive the prize—a commission in the U.S. military. As you embark on the next phase of your journey, let me recommend competence, courage, and commitment as keys to your blueprint for successfully integrating faith and profession as military leaders.

  • Let His Light Shine!

    How's your Christ light shining?

  • My Early Christmas Gift

    David Warner recounts the best early Christmas gift he's ever received.

  • New Executive Director

    Officers' Christian Fellowship is entering the new decade with a new leader! David B. Warner has been confirmed by the OCF Council to serve as OCF's new Executive Director.

  • Nurturing Christian Families

    If you want to be the Christian military leader God has called you to be, I believe a must-have is a strong support system that loves, supports, and sustains you.

  • Part of an amazing lineage

    Don’t you love it when the Lord reveals something new through His Word? I have read Matthew many times. And I’ll admit that I usually skim past the genealogy to get to the “meat” proclaiming the birth, life and good news about our Savior. Recently, however, my eyes were opened to two truths that penetrated my heart, ensuring that I will never again fast forward past these verses and forever ponder my lineage and legacy.

  • Practice out-loving and out-giving

    A popular reality TV show, where lies, deception, and self-centeredness are the rule, proudly boasts its slogan as “Outwit, Outplay and Outlast.” Representative of today’s culture that focuses on individual triumph at any cost, the heart of that maxim stands in stark contrast, especially in this Christmas season as we celebrate why Christ came to earth and what He taught: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

  • The world needs solid, biblical leadership

    In my thirty years on active duty, I witnessed phenomenal leaders who inspired, encouraged, and built teams that accomplished great things. Sad to say, I’ve also seen those who used their positions to advance their own agendas, bully others, and feed their own egos—always at the cost of those around them.

  • What you do and how you lead does matter

    Congratulations to the OCF Class of 2012! We who have gone before welcome you to the profession of arms and the start of your great race the Lord has set before you. Crossing the threshold, you now carry two commissions simultaneously: one conferred on you from our Commander in Chief and one from the King of kings. 

  • Why We Serve (Fister)

    Why do you serve in our military? Why are you an officer, an Airmen, a Soldier, a Marine, a Sailor, or a Coastguardsman?

  • Worrying or waiting?

    Life in general is complicated. Life in the military is extremely difficult and challenging and carries with it an increasing amount of angst with the operations tempo, separations, threats to life and limb, and the increasing challenges from within our own nation.