• A Christian Officer's Toolbox

    We cannot allow ourselves to be defeated by perceptions that Christian activities will not be tolerated in the military.

  • Anchor Points 2012—Unified as brothers and sisters in Christ

    Our Anchor Points class of 2012 encourages all OCF members to plug in and offer others a point of fellowship through OCF small-group Bible studies, family camps, giving, and prayer. 

  • Changing Demands

    You must remain trained and always ready to face the perils of war.

  • Communicating hope beyond suffering

    Authentic leadership deals with life’s real issues of pain, trauma and suffering while pointing beyond to a life in Christ. As Paul reminds us, our present trials are but a means to an end; particularly for the Christian leader, hope is the final reality of life.

  • Courageous Command: Beyond Battlefield Boldness

    Only by trusting God and His plan for our lives can we lead courageously in our duty as both officers and Christians. It’s time to build a strategy that calculates the risks of leadership minefields and faces them with a moral courage that matches the bravery of those we lead on the battlefield.

  • Decisive Difference in Leadership

    Sgt York is an example for us all.

  • Eight steps to help navigate your leadership minefields

    Here are eight points to calculate leadership risks in order to face the fears of a politically correct climate with a moral courage that matches the bravery of those we lead on the battlefield.

  • Exploring Biblical Leadership

    What does it look like to be a disciple of Christ?

  • Follow Me

    The key to serving others is to have a humble heart.

  • For All Leaders

    It is a joy and privilege to influence other lives through your leadership.

  • Fulfilling a key godly responsibility

    Christian officer, leader—how important is prayer to you? As Christians serving in the military, do we recognize what and for whom we should be praying for in our leadership roles? Godly officers and leaders pray.

  • Heroes

    So how do you become a hero--or at least a good leader?

  • How to handle 5 personalities often found in small groups

    A key to a healthy and happy small group is having free and open discussion with everyone participating equally. And nothing bogs down a great discussion like a know-it-all or an over-the-top needy person. People rarely intentionally derail group discussions, but there are five personalities frequently found in small groups that can ruin group interaction unless the leader can handle them smoothly.

  • Is God calling you to lead a small group?
  • Keys to integrating faith and profession as a leader

    Congratulations on your commission! Now what? You have walked the long hard road, surviving to receive the prize—a commission in the U.S. military. As you embark on the next phase of your journey, let me recommend competence, courage, and commitment as keys to your blueprint for successfully integrating faith and profession as military leaders.

  • Leadership

    Good commands all have one thing in common -- a healthy atmosphere of respect for authority.

  • Leadership and the Christian Officer

    The effectiveness of a unit depends to maximum degree on the leadership ability of the commander.

  • Leadership by Example

    Moral character is the one thing the Army cannot give to you; you have to develop it within yourself.

  • Leadership Came Naturally

    Leadership was a natural result of who Tom was.

  • Leadership Excellence (Krulak)

    We must remain ever mindful that God sustains that character and He ultimately provides that which we are obliged to give.

  • Leadership Moments: Are You Leading?
  • Leadership Q&A

    Jesus has called us to take a stand in such a time as this. Laying low, and compromising are outside of our calling.

  • Leadership without Coercion

    Using common sense and sensitivity, it is possible to be an ambassador for Christ in uniform.

  • Leadership: Ministry Focus for March

    A quick search in the books category on Amazon reveals more than 180,000 books written on leadership. It’s arguably the most written about subject in our time. With so many authors clamoring to regale you with their brilliance, you’d think that anyone aspiring to become a leader would have ample help. Unfortunately, we continue to hear about leadership failures. The world is hungry for real leadership based on solid, proven, biblical principles.

  • Leading Effective Small Groups

    The role of the OCF small group, the dynamics involved, and how to lead one at your installation.

  • Leaving a legacy of faith
  • Lessons in Leadership...from a Squadron Janitor

    William Crawford was an unimpressive figure, one you could easily overlook during a hectic day at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Mr. Crawford was our squadron janitor.

  • Mary Poppins and the chain of command
  • OCF and Leadership

    OCF's niche isn't Bible Studies--it's Christian leadership.

  • Passion for Leadership

    Passionate leaders always strive to fight for the men and women they lead.

  • Perspectives on servant leadership

    The term “servant leadership” evokes a varied range of impressions as to what that really means, looks like, and how it plays out in real life. At first glance, the seemingly incongruous servant leadership concept appears especially contrary in business settings or military circles where typically bosses lead, employees serve.

  • Pray Discover & Obey

    Make important decisions with the confidence that God has revealed His direction.

  • Pray Discover Leader's Guide

    Leader's Guide for Pray, Discover, and Obey.

  • Presidents Day

    Presidents Day: Just what are we celebrating?

  • Professional Excellence (Durfey)

    The key to successful leadership is found in the person of Jesus Christ.

  • Professional Excellence (Harrison)

    The Christian officer should strive to be the very best professional officer possible within his or her abilities, in accord with Christian faith and conduct.

  • Putting the Serve into Your Military Service

    As modeled by Jesus Christ, your leadership is a call to serve--not to be served.

  • Rescue on the High Seas

    I was a modern-day Jonah trying to escape the grasp of God rather than make Him my priority and obey Him.

  • Six Generations: 1

    What can happen when men and women commit to be and make disciples for Christ.

  • Six Generations: 2

    Leading Bible studies in the barracks.

  • Six Generations: 3

    A final act of courage.

  • Six ways to follow Jesus’ example and become a transformational leader

    Transformational leaders help people understand the purpose, objectives and values of an organization by articulating a clear and appealing vision. From both a practical and biblical perspective, transformational leadership inspires, develops and empowers followers; it also hones our leadership skills so we become better leaders. 

  • So You've Been Passed Over

    I found being passed over to be the most freeing thing that has happened to me in my walk with Christ. 

  • Soldier and Christian

    Your duties as a soldier are consistent with the highest Christian values.

  • Stewards of God's Image

    Christian military women can become influencial leaders by embracing the fullness of their identities as women made in Christ's image.

  • Striving

    There are no guarantees that any of us will be promoted. But we do have the assurance that we can rest in Him.

  • The Christ-centered alpha male

    Men have a lot in common with wolves. We mark our territory, strut in front of females, and bristle in the presence of another alpha male. We learn this behavior from older wolves more than happy to train us: coaches, fathers, teachers, older brothers, and eventually our bosses. For a wolf pack to survive and prosper, they must be stronger, smarter, and braver than all other packs, requiring direction, plans, structure, hierarchy, discipline and a leader—the alpha wolf.

  • The Jungles of War

    How well do you reflect the gospel in the pain-filled eyes of a frightened seven-year-old girl whose grandparents you just helped kill?

  • The world needs solid, biblical leadership

    In my thirty years on active duty, I witnessed phenomenal leaders who inspired, encouraged, and built teams that accomplished great things. Sad to say, I’ve also seen those who used their positions to advance their own agendas, bully others, and feed their own egos—always at the cost of those around them.

  • Thoughts for Young Officers

    There's a great deal of talk about servant leadership in the military today, but few Christian officers are actually practicing it as the Lord prescribed.

  • Three Looks

    As Christian officers desiring to exercise biblical leadership -- faced with constant flux and in the process of growing in our capacity to lead -- how can we best prepare for our next leadership role?

  • Unity of Command

    Do the military principles of war apply to Christian living?

  • What Are You Reading?

    When I was on the faculty of the Army War College one of my favorite questions to ask visiting senior leaders, was "What are you reading right now?"

  • What's Your Altitude

    Did you know that your altitude determines your attitude? Jesus, the highest being there ever was and ever will be, voluntarily lowered Himself.

  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road

    The lion's share of OCF ministry is done by hundreds of volunteers in military units and communities around the world!

  • With the Love of a Clanging Cymbal

    When our speech lacks the love of Christ, Scripture clearly declares we are just a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.