Ministry Focus

  • 2015 July Ministry Focus

    The OCF Ministry Focus for July is priorities. What are the priorities in your life? Do they involve God and spiritual things? Don’t forget that God has no higher priority than you—your glory and worship to God, your relationship with God, your salvation. Remarkable and wonderful, isn’t it? Think about that this month as OCF offers resources and shares stories to lift up your faith life, all for His glory.

  • Community as taught by minions

    Just like the silly banana-eating Minions, each of us was created with an innate desire to belong to a community in fellowship. It’s not just a group of people with similar interests, but a body of believers united for a common purpose.

  • Connect in the wilderness with Christ

    The Outfitters program model is certainly not something that needs to remain unique to Fort Leavenworth. Good things happen when strong Christian men and women and others come together, and the place for that isn’t always in a pew. 

  • Connection: Ministry Focus for February

    The ministry focus for February is #CONNECTION—staying connected to God through study of his Word in our personal quiet times as well as in our gathering with other fellow believers in small groups. Join us as we center on scripture and equip ourselves with Truth to develop our faith and share it with others.

  • Family: Ministry Focus for June

    Not just your spouse, children, parents, or siblings but what does it mean to belong to the body of Christ?

  • Fellowship in love, faith, encouragement

    If you want the best example of fellowship, we have to look no further than God, who is the author and definer of fellowship.

  • Fellowship through 'practical action'

    OCF has provided transitory military Christians with two static places—Spring Canyon in Colorado and White Sulphur Springs in Pennsylvania—for abundant opportunities of Christ-centered fellowship, programs and fun. The ideal end result: being equipped to reach others for Christ throughout the military society—and form lifetime friendships.

  • Fellowship: Ministry Focus for December

    Christian fellowship is the linking of lives with one another as the Body of Christ.

  • Freedom: Ministry Focus for July

    No one knows better than those who have served or are serving in the military what freedom really means.

  • Further insights from Mike and Angie Moyles

    Here are some more insights shared by Mike Moyles and his wife, Angie, during their interview with COMMAND.

  • Gratitude: Ministry Focus for November
  • Hope does not disappoint us

    When he was diagnosed with cancer in 1999, Mike says he worked through the usual questions and doubt—why me? what did I do?—but it was the continued struggle through multiple rounds of chemo, radiation, and surgeries that caused him to take a deeper look at the testimony God was preparing him for.

  • Identity: Ministry Focus for January

    We define identity as “the collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known.” We seek to determine identity when we ask, "Who am I?" The answer to that question comes from the Bible and from prayer. Each day this month, we'll look at specific traits of our lives as believers to better understand our true identity in Christ.

  • Kingdom work can happen anywhere

    As a relational ministry where genuine biblical fellowship is essential for spiritual growth and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, the very heart of the ministry of Officers’ Christian Fellowship remains small group fellowships.

  • Leadership: Ministry Focus for March

    A quick search in the books category on Amazon reveals more than 180,000 books written on leadership. It’s arguably the most written about subject in our time. With so many authors clamoring to regale you with their brilliance, you’d think that anyone aspiring to become a leader would have ample help. Unfortunately, we continue to hear about leadership failures. The world is hungry for real leadership based on solid, proven, biblical principles.

  • Ministry Focus for February 2017 || Stewardship

    Are we faithful with everything God has entrusted to us? An excerpt from John Maxwell’s Leadership Bible: “The earth belongs to the Lord, not to humankind. Therefore, leaders should never act as if they own the place. While we can feel confident of our mission, we must remember we are stewards, not owners.” See Psalm 104.

  • Prayer: Ministry Focus for August

    Prayer. It’s not merely a token gesture before eating a meal, taking a test, or watching your favorite sports team. Prayer is how we communicate with the one true God, who loves us and desires fellowship with us. This month, focus on Paul’s admonition in Romans 12:2 and “be…faithful in prayer.”

  • Renewal: Ministry Focus for April

    Being baptized with Christ. Renewing your mind. Laying aside the old self. Longing for His appearing. Each of these has one thing in common—they represent an aspect of renewal in our lives and faith journeys as believers. 

  • Service: Ministry Focus for October

    The OCF Ministry Focus for October is #Service. The Bible emphasizes two features of service. First, that there are many different kinds of service to God (1 Cor. 12:5). Secondly, the Bible focuses on the importance of service to others (2 Cor. 9:12-13). Through our service, we bring glory to God. We should ask ourselves how our #Service is helping others and glorifying the Lord.

  • Transition: Ministry Focus for May

    Transition occurs every day throughout the year, but the month of May seems to be a pinnacle time of change for many—from graduations to PCS orders. Regardless of what transition you may face this month, rejoice that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

  • Uncertainty: Ministry Focus for September

    ‎Uncertainty. We all have experienced anxiety in our lives—whether it comes from living life in the military or struggling to understand God’s plan and purpose for us. Regardless of the source of uncertainty, the Apostle Paul admonishes us to “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Phil 4:6). Join us this month as we explore what it means to trust God, and lift up your fears and concerns to Him in prayer today.

  • Uncertainty: Ministry focus for September 2015

    ‎Uncertainty. We all have experienced anxiety in our lives—whether it comes from living life in the military or struggling to understand God’s plan and purpose for us.