Small Groups

  • A Good Question

    How to avoid the pitfalls that trip up small group discussions.

  • Effective OCF Fellowships

    A fellowship is effective when the leader understands and conducts the ministry in accordance with the OCF Purpose.

  • First Bible Studies

    A scripted Bible Study Guide on the first six chapters of Nehemiah. 

  • How to handle 5 personalities often found in small groups

    A key to a healthy and happy small group is having free and open discussion with everyone participating equally. And nothing bogs down a great discussion like a know-it-all or an over-the-top needy person. People rarely intentionally derail group discussions, but there are five personalities frequently found in small groups that can ruin group interaction unless the leader can handle them smoothly.

  • Is God calling you to lead a small group?
  • Leading Effective Small Groups

    The role of the OCF small group, the dynamics involved, and how to lead one at your installation.

  • OCF Groups and You

    You are OCF—not the OCF home office, field staff rep, or your group leaders.

  • October is OCF Membership Month

    Your local OCF group is truly the heartbeat of Officers’ Christian Fellowship—a place where you can share the unique challenges of your military life in a supportive Christian setting of prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.

  • Online Bible Study

    Using the Internet to stay in the Word and stay connected with believers.

  • Pray Discover & Obey

    Make important decisions with the confidence that God has revealed His direction.

  • Pray Discover Leader's Guide

    Leader's Guide for Pray, Discover, and Obey.

  • Starting an OCF Small Group Fellowship

    So you are thinking about starting an OCF group. Good for you!!

  • Step by Step Guide

    Getting a local OCF Fellowship started is not difficult. The following steps are listed logically, and may or may not happen chronologically.

  • Stoking the Fire

    Got fire for the Lord? Keep it burning by stoking your flame.

  • The Heartbeat of OCF

    The OCF small group is a safe place where military Christians can gather to support and encourage one another.

  • Thriving Bible Study

    OCF presents a new Bible study—specifically for women whose husbands are deployed.

  • Visiting Those in Prison

    Prison visits are powerful ministry opportunities for OCF small group fellowships.