Spiritual Warfare

  • Beware the moral ambush

    Given the description in Ephesians 6 of the spiritual battle raging around us, what can we do to prepare for the moral ambushes upon us from the enemy and avoid becoming a spiritual casualty? This article explores 6 tactics to help you avoid becoming a spiritual casualty.

  • Centurions in the Conflict

    We face a formidable enemy who continues to plague the human race.

  • How Shall We Pray?

    I have asked myself, how should we pray? There is no easy answer.

  • North American AMCF Week of Prayer

    As Officers' Christian Fellowship's part in the prayer campaign of the North American AMCF Week of Prayer, 22-28 JAN 2012, we are asking each OCF fellowship group to forego the normal weekly group agenda for that one day/evening and spend the time in prayer instead.

  • Please Join Us in Prayer This Week

    The North American AMCF Week of Prayer starts Sunday, and all OCF members and local fellowships are encouraged to come together in a concert of prayer for military personnel, veterans, and their families. It runs through 28 January.

  • Prayer Sometimes Involves Fasting

    The benefits of fasting shouldn't be overlooked.

  • Praying for Chaplains

    Here are some specific ways to pray for military chaplains.

  • Predictions for 2011

    These things will be true. Count on it!

  • Spiritual War

    There are a number of weapons and tactics in spiritual warfare.

  • The Religious Rights of Those in Uniform

    As both a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and a Christian, have you ever wondered, "just what exactly are my rights to freely express my faith in Jesus Christ-even while in uniform?"

  • War on Spiritual Terrorism

    When we go to war, we are fighting both a physical foe and a spiritual enemy.