Connection: Ministry Focus for February

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Last month, we focused on our #IDENTITY in Christ, and we discovered our position within His Kingdom as well as what it means to truly be a new creation. The ministry focus for February is #CONNECTION—staying connected to God through study of his Word in our personal quiet times as well as in our gathering with other fellow believers in small groups. Join us as we center on scripture and equip ourselves with Truth to develop our faith and share it with others. 



Central to Spirituality: There's a basic connection between our spiritual lives and our money and possessions. That's why Jesus talked so much about money and possessions. Click here to read

> Any Volunteers? Who needs your tutelage and encouragement? Let's imitate what Paul did for Timothy. Instead of asking for volunteers, encourage others to fulfill their calling. Click here to read

> Kingdom Work Can Happen Anywhere: Plain and simple, we were created by God to be in community with one another. Here are two examples of how physical and virtual OCF small groups are making a difference among believers. Click here to read

> Bible Study (Vine and Branches): How do we remain in the vine, connected to Jesus? And what does it mean to bear fruit as a result of that connection? A study on John 15. Click here to download

> Bible Study (Fellowship and Accountability): As Christians, we are all members of one family called the “Body of Christ.” We need each other for mutual encouragement and help to grow in our relationship with the Lord. That is why fellowship is so important! Click here to download


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