Identity: Ministry Focus for January

Image montage for OCF monthly ministry focus, January 2016


We define identity as “the collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known.” We seek to determine identity when we ask, "Who am I?" The answer to that question comes from the Bible and from prayer. Each day this month, we'll look at specific traits of our lives as believers to better understand our true identity in Christ.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Encourage someone you know to discover and embrace their Identity as a believer. Here are a few of the Identity name tags from our January Facebook postings. Download and use these name tags in a variety of ways—place them in your child's lunch bag; around the house for a loved one to find; or include one in a card to a friend.

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Here are some articles that speak to our identity in Christ.

> Identity. Human nature strives to be known and accepted. Our own profession, the military, has provided identity to many who are searching. A strong tower clearly provided the identity of the sovereign for those within. We do not have to search for identity. Click here to read

> A young officer works long hours characterized by daily, rigid discipline ever-expecting that his branch of service will recognize his dedicated labors and reward them with promotion to the next rank. He lives and breathes his service culture, often putting the military before self and family. After all, isn't that what is expected of a successful officer? Click here to read

> There is a special challenge in store for single Christian women serving in the military, particularly for those who lead and are entrusted with leadership responsibilities. But any woman, regardless of rank or status, interacts within a sphere from which she will emerge either as a person of influence or a person to be influenced. Click here to read

> It is Christ who must come first and in whom our identity is found. In this way we are followers of Christ in the military, who God has called to be leaders. Click here to read