Leadership: Ministry Focus for March

OCF's ministry focus for March is Leadership // photo by Cpl Steve Lopez, USMC


#‎LEADERSHIP: A quick search in the books category on Amazon reveals more than 180,000 books written on leadership. It’s arguably the most written about subject in our time. With so many authors clamoring to regale you with their brilliance, you’d think that anyone aspiring to become a leader would have ample help. Unfortunately, we continue to hear about leadership failures. The world is hungry for real leadership based on solid, proven, biblical principles.



> A Biblical Approach to the Military Officer's Core Skill: Leadership is the defining skill of a military officer. Professional performance and progress depend fundamentally on how well you master the art and science of leadership. Click here to read.

> Lessons in Leadership from a Squadron Janitor: A wise person once said, "It's not life that's important, but those you meet along the way that make the difference." Bill Crawford, our janitor, taught me many valuable, unforgettable leadership lessons. Click here to read.

> Navigating Your Leadership Minefields: Here are eight points to calculate leadership risks in order to face the fears of a politically correct climate with a moral courage that matches the bravery of those we lead on the battlefield. Click here to read.

> Leadership and the Christian Officer; The Basis of Successful Leadership: Within the limits of the material means given him, the effectiveness of a unit depends to maximum degree on the leadership ability and practice of the commander. Download the PDF.

> What are You Reading? That open-ended inquiry was usually quite telling as to how engaged those leaders were in their own continuing growth and professional development. Click here to read.

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