Cast Your Vote

An Important Message to OCF Regular Voting Members

The December 2012 issue of COMMAND announced that there would be an “early 2013” vote on a package of proposed changes to the OCF constitution. These “largely housekeeping” changes require an affirmative vote of the full Regular membership.

About the proposed amendments 

The cumulative results of this review of key documents are now finished. The amendments recommended for the constitution require a two-thirds vote by the membership. These are the benefits that will accrue to approval of the proposed amendments:

  • Retention of the key, foundational processes, purposes and organizational standards within the OCF Constitution. These are the durable, God-given essentials of OCF which establish who we are and why we exist. It was and still is proper to require a two-thirds membership vote to modify our Constitution.
  • The Bylaws will be a collection of all other essential processes and procedures that do not meet the test of foundationality and durability required for inclusion in the Constitution. The Bylaws can be changed by the OCF Council without a member vote.
  • Elimination of redundancies between the two documents.
  • Rewording of potentially confusing legal terms.
  • Correction of minor errors and typos.

Download the revised Constitution

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the revised OCF Constitution, which incorporates all of the proposed changes. Changed areas are highlighted in yellow. They start at Article V—Membership.

If you scroll down past the Constitution, you will find more details on each of the proposed changes including the rationale. If there are differences between proposed revised Constitution (immediately below) and the "Details of Changes" (bottom section of this message), the revised Constitution will be considered as official for voting purposes. Minor changes such as renumbered paragraphs and spelling corrections are not addressed but are included as appropriate in the proposed new version.

How to vote

The OCF Council hereby puts forth this package of amendments to the OCF Constitution for your vote. This is a vote for the entire package, not individual changes. When you have completed your review of proposed changes below, go to the voting link at to cast your vote.


If you have questions you'd like to discuss before you cast your vote, please contact one of these Council members.

If you have questions, or if you need or prefer a paper ballot, call Susan Wallis at (303) 761-1984 or email