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Have you purchased an item from the OCF Wish List yet? Perhaps you've already attended a camp or made a pledge or donation to OCF, and maybe you're wondering if there are other ways to help OCF. The OCF Wish List is a great way to provide supplemental support to the body of OCF. Items that you purchase from a Wish List are delivered to that particular ministry to help OCF with its daily operations.


What is it

The Wish List is a list of items used by OCF ministries. These items are used in our daily operations. This Wish List provides donors with a supplemental way to support the body of OCF.

How it works

If you are familiar with other types of gift registries, the Wish List is set up in a similar manner. For example, if you want to purchase an item for the Home Office, click the button below or go to Amazon and look for the "OCF Home Office" Wish List. Select an item and quantity from the list that you would like to buy for OCF. Place your order with Amazon to complete the transaction.

Important tax information

Your personal information is private and is NOT shared with us by Amazon. If you would like a gift receipt for tax purposes, you'll need to follow these important steps:

  1. Once you have selected the items you plan to purchase, you'll be prompted to select whether the item(s) is a gift. Check/select the GIFT OPTIONS check box, where it says, "Does your order contain gift items."
  2. In the GIFT NOTE field, please enter your name and address so that we'll have record of your purchase and be able to provide the appropriate tax documentation.
  3. Deselect the check box next to the field that says, "Don't print prices on packing slips regardless of what I enter above."
  4. Proceed to check out and place your order as you normally would.

Ready to give it a try? Select a Wish List and make a purchase today! Thank you for partnering with us, and God bless.


Wish List button link

Wish List button link

Wish List button link

Wish List button link