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A Uniformed Ambassador: Representing Christ through Our Military Service and Family

Many consider that military service is no longer a “Christian-friendly” profession because of the cultural and regulatory changes that have occurred in our armed forces. With many service members facing veiled discrimination and occasional outright hostility, followers of Christ can feel they face a potential minefield along their career paths. During the weekend, we will briefly examine the policy on religious practice for military members, but then spend most of the time discussing practical application of scriptural principles that can help service members and military families represent our Lord well. Participants will be asked to reflect upon the call of Christ, examine their own walk in light of God’s Word, and consider purposeful methods to shine His light to a watching world. The goal will be for everyone to depart with several tools and techniques that can help us serve our Father well, regardless of one’s vocation.

Cost: Conference Fee $25, $69 meals & lodging/night/adult, descending rates for children

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