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From the Executive Director

I am hopeful for our future!

Against the backdrop of a fallen world and an increasingly secular culture, Officers’ Christian Fellowship is thriving. God continues to bless this ministry in countless ways. From excited young service members and brand new believers to seasoned retirees and lifelong followers of Jesus; from battlefield Bible studies to Chapel sanctuaries; throughout military society and out into the world, this Fellowship continues to advance God’s Kingdom for His glory.

The exercise of biblical leadership describes what Christian officers do through the integration of faith and profession. We teach military leaders how to combine religious and professional aspects of their lives into one integral whole, to meet their military obligations in a manner consistent with their Christian value system. People determine what they think about God by what they see in His followers, so it emboldens us to live out our faith in ways that honor Him with our lifestyle, words, relationships, social awareness, service, and the strength of our commitments.

Financially, OCF ended 2016 in a strong position and continues to thrive through increased revenues at our conference centers and generous ministry partners. Thank you for teaming with us in “Building Christian leaders, families, fellowships…for a lifetime.”

Brig Gen David B. Warner, USAF (Ret.)

The body of OCF carries the hope of Jesus Christ into the military society through its members, programs, and small group fellowships.

Total Members
Camper Days
Weekly Groups

Highlights from 2016

Conference Centers

Spring Canyon in Buena Vista, CO, and White Sulphur Springs in Manns Choice, PA, combined for approximately 20,261 camper days in 2016. These centers are two of OCF’s primary training grounds for those who live, work, and minister in the military society.

Academies & ROTC

OCF has staff couples located near each of the four military academies where they embolden the cadets and midshipmen to know what it is to be a Christ follower through biblical leader development, Bible study, discipleship, conferences, retreats and mission trips. While all open their homes for training, counsel, and hospitality, OCF owns properties near the U.S. Military, U.S. Naval, and U.S. Coast Guard Academies allowing an extraordinary level of hospitality to cadets, midshipmen and their families. OCF currently hosts five ROTC regional retreat conferences each year with plans to expand into the Northwest.

Field Ministries

OCF has staff couples assigned to regional centers who interact with and give guidance to the volunteer lay leaders in the United States and in other countries, forge relationships with local churches, and provide support to the chaplaincy. Staff couples help these leaders engage in their faith with those around them by establishing a variety of programs in the area from small group fellowships and training conferences, to making contacts within the area and supporting chaplains and pastors. In addition, OCF sponsors Spiritually Smart Family conferences to assist with service separations, conflict resolution, staying close while apart, parenting tips, re-integration following deployment and much more.

Audited Finances for 2016

Total Income

Contributions: 55.4%

Capital Campaign: 14.5%

Revenue: 30.1%

Total Expenses

Conference Centers: 27.0%

Academies and Schools: 11.7%

Administration: 10.0%

Field Ministries: 7.8%

Communications: 6.7%

Fundraising: 3.6%

Change in Net Assets: $690,907 (13.5%)