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This session focuses on two areas in which the integration of faith is applied “on-mission” for God within the family domain. Those areas are discipleship within the home (both in children and in adults) and to impact in surrounding community (in Christian witness and in service to others). The main point of this session is that family life is to be lived on Gospel mission both within the nuclear family and among those the family touches.

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Recommended Resources

The following recommended resources are meant to get you started in each of the seven subdomains of Faith & Family: Challenges and Opportunities of Deployment, Relocations, Discipling Within the Family, Family as a Force Multiplier, Financial Stewardship, The Military Spouse, and Military Kids: Third Culture Kids. We’ve also included additional resources at the bottom of this page.

Challenges and Opportunities of Deployment


Discipling Within the Family

Family as a Force Multiplier

Financial Stewardship

What Is Stewardship?

What do you think of when you hear someone mention stewardship? Money, talents, or ownership? For many, money is the first thing on their minds and that often leads to uncomfortable feelings.

The Science & Art of Personal Finance

Knowledge and tools are great for your head, but you also need a heart to shape experience into judgment and wisdom. Learn to understand the numbers and balance them with what you value in your heart.

Creating Your Financial Plan

Financial goals are the basis of personal financial planning. A great many people are working hard to save and invest, but do not have a plan, or at least not one sufficiently specific to assess progress.

The Military Spouse

Military Kids: Third Culture Kids

Additional Resources

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