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This session of the IF Project focuses on two areas in which the integration of faith is applied “on-mission” for God within the family domain. Those areas are discipleship within the home (both in children and in adults) and to impact in surrounding community (in Christian witness and in service to others). The main point of this session is that family life is to be lived on Gospel mission both within the nuclear family and among those the family touches.

Faith & Family

In establishing family, God granted authority and responsibility to Adam and Eve along with an opportunity to partner with Him in His post-creation work. His pre-fall plan was for man and woman to unite as one, have dominion over His created beings, and be nourished by His creation—and to be fruitful in doing so (Genesis 1:26-31, 2:24). As incredible as it may sound, God instituted the family to partner with Him in His creative work.

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