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This second session of the IF Project is foundational to the sessions of Profession, Family, and Community Relations. We all need to grow up whether we are the youngest believer or a seasoned elder. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. In the process those in an early and immature walk of faith should feel the freedom of where they currently are in life and be encouraged that the Spirit, over time, completes the faith of those God calls. Those more mature in the faith can be encouraged that God has even more illumination and transformation in store for them. The main point of this session is: Believers are redeemed, but we need to be on a journey of growing up in Christ-likeness in order to serve Christ fruitfully through faith.

Faith & Personal Transformation

Forgiven. Set free. Redeemed. Each of us come to faith with these desperate needs. Our greatest need, forgiveness of our sins against God is received immediately as we repent and embrace Christ in faith. But despite our conversion to Christ, our own personal brokenness hinders our walk of faith in Christ.

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