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This session lays some groundwork for the sessions of Profession, Family, and Community Relationships. We all need to grow up, whether we are the youngest believer or a seasoned elder. In the process those in an early and immature walk of faith should feel the freedom of where they currently are in life and be encouraged that the Spirit, over time, completes the faith of those God calls. Those more mature in the faith can be encouraged that God has even more illumination and transformation in store for them. The main point of this session is: Believers are redeemed, but we need to be on a journey of growing up in Christ-likeness in order to serve Christ fruitfully through faith.

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Recommended Resources

The following recommended resources are meant to get you started in each of the five subdomains of Faith & Personal Transformation: Affections for God, Communicating with God, Return on Character, Spiritual Warfare, and Stages of Growing as a Christian. We’ve also included additional resources at the bottom of this page.

Affections for God

Growing in love for Christ and maintaining your spiritual passion.

Two General Orders

As we seek a warrior's ethic for today we can reasonably look back 3000 years to another man of arms—arguably the greatest soldier ever to serve the nation of Israel, David, youngest son of Jesse. The ethic of David may be seen as consisting of two general orders: Do the Right Thing and Trust in God.

Stoking the Fire

Got fire for the Lord? Keep it burning by stoking your flame. We must tend to the fire-to the love relationship with our Lord. Anything less is abandonment. Remembering, repenting, and returning stokes that fire and results in peace and power.

Growing your affections for Christ | Episode 007

LTC Tom Schmidt, USA (Ret.), chats with CH(MAJ) Mark Winton, USA, on the topic of “affections for Christ.” Our affections are typically rooted in our answer to this question: “What are our heart longings for?” As CH Winton suggests, our answer ultimately shows what drives our hearts and where our affections lie.

  • Photo by Eric Powell, USN

Calling All Daniels: Do You Know God?

The world desperately needs to hear about Jesus, and we’ve been called to share Him. I encourage you to become competent in your knowledge of Him. Draw people through your professional excellence. Be prepared through your life and words to shine His life-saving light.

Communicating with God

Building the foundation of relationship with God through Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication (ACTS) and is the key to personal transformation.

The Challenge of Distress

Life is full of disappointments, difficulties, and distress. It comes in many ways: relational conflicts, job issues, financial concerns, illness, injury, tragedy and a host of other predicaments. It is challenging, even as a Christian, to respond positively to these trials.

Return on Character

Not just profitable to oneself but to those around you, especially in difficult circumstances.

Wax the Car

Every time that I struggle with times in my life where God is stretching me, I remember to simply, "wax the car…sand the floor."

Following the Centurion

In the occasional doubts we must all feel as Christians in an occupation of arms, the New Testament centurions are worthy role models.

Developing your character muscle | Episode 006

The topic of today’s show is character, and our guest for this episode likens character to a muscle that must be continually developed if we’re going to conduct our lives as Christians in a way that pleases and honors God.

Spiritual Warfare

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Spiritual Battle Plans

I didn't realize what a difference my weekly Bible study and chapel service made until I went nearly four months in Iraq without them.

Stages of Growing as a Christian

Navigating the cyclical nature of a maturing faith.

Thriving in the Unbalance | Episode 005

When it comes to the various parts of your life—family, military profession, friends, relationships with others, and your relationship with God—should you be striving to find a balance among all those things? Or should you learn to thrive in the unbalance?

The Ultimate Freedom of an Uncaged Eagle

Victory over adversity. It's something Dick Toliver knows well, this great-grandson of a slave, who grew up in dark days of the pre-civil-rights-era South. Despite the shackles of poverty, racism, injustice, he fought to become a highly decorated and accomplished Air Force pilot.

Allow God to heal the hidden wounds

We leaders often cope with stress by trying to survive our wounding rather than allow God to heal and refresh us to fully live. God doesn’t want us to simply survive. God’s mission field, after all, is your heart and mine.

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