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This session addresses how faith can be operative and honors God in multiple ways as a Christ-follower serves in professional duties. It addresses the gospel nature of labor, a task given to mankind before the fall in the Garden of Eden. It highlights four broad areas in which faith is manifest in the military workplace. The main point to be drawn from this session is that our faith can be integrated fully—and fruitfully—in our professional work and workplace.

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Recommended Resources

The following recommended resources are meant to get you started in each of these five subdomains of Faith & Profession:

  1. Ambassadors for Christ
  2. Military Leadership
  3. Religious Rights and Responsibilities of Those in Uniform
  4. Christian Officership
  5. The Christian Nature of Military Service

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1. Ambassadors For Christ

Allowing God to use my unique gifts, position and physical location to share the gospel.

Why We Serve

Why do you serve in our military? Why are you an officer, an Airmen, a Soldier, a Marine, a Sailor, or a Coastguardsman?

Tom Felts Was My Friend

Colonel Tom Felts died in the service of his country in Iraq on November 14, 2006, due to an improvised explosive device. To the very end Tom lived a sacrificial life.

Three Words

Jesus is Lord! These three words can mark what you should, can, and will be in your life.

2. Military Leadership

Serving others from a Biblical Perspective—the stewardship of leadership within our sphere of influence.

Keys to integrating faith and profession as a leader

Congratulations on your commission! Now what? You have walked the long hard road, surviving to receive the prize—a commission in the U.S. military. As you embark on the next phase of your journey, let me recommend competence, courage, and commitment as keys to your blueprint for successfully integrating faith and profession as military leaders.

How ya doing? Do you really care?

Who will you meet today in an unexpected encounter, whether in a combat area, passageway, flight line, or on drills and maneuvers? And what will you say—and hear? In your command, how will you show Christ in your servant leadership?

Courageous Command: Beyond Battlefield Boldness

Only by trusting God and His plan for our lives can we lead courageously in our duty as both officers and Christians. It’s time to build a strategy that calculates the risks of leadership minefields and faces them with a moral courage that matches the bravery of those we lead on the battlefield.

Communicating hope beyond suffering

Authentic leadership deals with life's real issues of pain, trauma and suffering while pointing beyond to a life in Christ. As Paul reminds us, our present trials are but a means to an end; particularly for the Christian leader, hope is the final reality of life.

3. Religious Rights and Responsibilities of Those in Uniform

We must be mindful of both our legal and constitutional rights as well as our biblical responsibilities.

Understanding Religious Rights | Episode 004

What are your rights as an American in uniform? Is it permissible for a chaplain to pray in Jesus’s name? Can you have a prayer breakfast on a military installation? What about sharing my faith—can I do that?

4. Christian Officership

Thoughts on what it means to be a Christian officer, and practical suggestions for making a good first impression and establishing a positive environment in your unit.

Stewards of God’s Image

Christian military women can become influential leaders by embracing the fullness of their identities as women made in Christ's image.

Leadership Q&A

Jesus has called us to take a stand in such a time as this. Laying low, and compromising are outside of our calling.

  • Photo by US Army

How do others see you?

How do others see you fulfilling your dual commissions? Do they see a leader who cares for them with the heart of Jesus, who is humble, grace-filled and selfless, and who ultimately serves the One and only Lord? As you serve your nation and serve your Lord, you will have ample opportunities to shine the Light of Christ through your love and service to others.

5. The Christian Nature of Military Service

May a Christian legitimately serve as a member of the military?

The Jungles of War

How well do you reflect the gospel in the pain-filled eyes of a frightened seven-year-old girl whose grandparents you just helped kill?

Mortal Enemies

An incredible story of how the man who led the attack on Pearl Harbor found new life in Christ!

Dear Chaplain

An open letter from chaplains answers questions about going to war, being deployed, families of deployed, and those considering the chaplaincy.

Christians in Combat

If we are called to embark on a campaign that we believe to be righteous, whether it be moral high ground, dangerous missions work, lifestyle evangelism, or a military campaign, then tragedy or cost cannot tarnish the truth associated with that calling.

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