Job Openings



Field Staff Representative–USNA

Officers’ Christian Fellowship is announcing a full-time Field Staff position for the United States Naval Academy with a desired start date of early July 2017.

This Field Staff Representative is responsible for the OCF fellowship at the Academy, including developing and sustaining the local ministry team in order to execute Christ-centered ministries of outreach and service throughout the Academy population with a primary focus on cadets.

The USNA is one of several OCF Academy Ministries whose primary call is to Embolden, Equip, and Encourage officer candidates to Engage the culture in which they will serve our nation. Beginning at the academies, our nation’s young men and women embark on a calling to serve Christ as His ambassadors in uniform through serving their nation. OCF seeks to prepare them for a lifetime of Christian military leadership and service, armed with their continually growing faith, personal habits, and godly character.

What are we looking for? (The first two are essential criteria)

  1. That a clear sense of God’s calling to this specific and sacrificial work will become manifest through the hiring process.
  2. A Bible-based servant leader such as one described at Titus 1:6-9.
  3. Demonstrated ability to develop and lead a local ministry team to serve Academy Midshipmen and Staff.
  4. Ideally, but not essentially, one with personal experience at the Academy and with a strong, current professional and spiritual reputation.
  5. Ideally, but not essentially, a history of OCF or other para-church membership, participation, and leadership. Our intention is to hire if possible from among proven OCF leaders.
  6. Available mid-June (preferable) or July 2017, financial freedom to work for ministry-level compensation, and a workable family situation.
  7. A reasonable expectation that the applicant can and will serve for about five years.

If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Tom Schmidt, 913-240-1662, or Marci Morris for further information and an application. Completed applications must be received by Friday, 11 November 2016.

Although this announcement is being sent to all OCF members O-5 and above, retired or still on active duty, it is not our intention to discount younger officers who are choosing to transition prior to retirement eligibility. If you know someone who might be a good fit, please pass this announcement on to them.