OCF TDY/TAD Groups are short-term fellowship groups


Introducing a NEW type of OCF Bible study

OCF truly is about lay-led leadership. It’s what makes us unique. The desire to meet and fellowship with other believers is how OCF got its start all those years ago, when Capt. John Trotter had a similar need for fellowship in a lonely outpost in NW India.

But what does lay-led leadership look like today? Here’s one example.

Recently, an OCF member contacted the Home Office with an idea for short-term Bible study groups. In his experience, when going TDY/TAD it was difficult to join a group or connect with other believers for a couple reasons. One, there was no group in the area. Two, he didn’t want to establish a permanent group knowing he’d only be TDY/TAD for a few weeks or months.

Solution: TDY/TAD Groups

TDY/TAD Groups are short-term Bible studies that meet for coffee, for fellowship, for prayer…for encouragement. These groups exist to embody what Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:11: “Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”

Be a TDY/TAD Group Leader

We need group leaders. If you’re going TDY/TAD soon, help us by starting a group. Contact us and let us know the dates you’ll be TDY/TAD, your location, and an email contact for others to join you.

Be a leader. Contact us now.


Find a TDY/TAD Group

If you're looking for a group, you can click the button below. Since TDY/TAD Groups are short term, the list of available groups will change frequently. If you don't see a group listed, and you're going TDY/TAD soon, consider becoming a leader and we will post your location.

TDY/TAD Groups are also listed on the Find an OCF Group page. You can click the State pull-down menu and select TDY as the state. Or, you can search by Location—in order to appear at the top of the list, all TDY/TAD Groups use a prefix of "1."

Find a TDY/TAD Group.


Join us as we launch this exciting, new ministry endeavor of OCF.