Why join OCF?

OCF group at Camp Lejeune


Do you want to be an effective ambassador for Christ in the military society? Do you need to integrate profession, faith, and family more effectively? Do you desire authentic Christian fellowship in the military community? Is your heart moved by a vision for personal ministry at your duty station?

The heart of OCF is in our home and workplace Bible study fellowships. You can find one near you by clicking here. If there is not an OCF group near you, let us help you start one. Call Joyce in the Home Office at 303-761-1984. 

You do not need to join OCF to participate in an OCF small group, but we encourage you to do so in order for us to better serve you and to enable more effective participation. We invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a part of this dynamic movement in the military. Click the blue button to fill out a membership form, or scroll down to read our Membership FAQ.


Become a Member


OCF Membership FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions regarding OCF membership. If you have additional questions, contact Joyce in Member Services.

What’s the difference between a Regular member and an Associate member?

Regular members are any active duty or retired officer or warrant officer, or anyone in training for a commission in the U.S. Armed Forces. Regular members may vote and serve on the ruling council. An Associate member is any spouse, enlisted, or civilian U.S. citizen who shares Officers’ Christian Fellowship’s purpose and vision.

I’m not active duty. Can I still be a member?

Yes, a regular member would include retired and separated officers.

I’m not in the military but am interested in the OCF ministry. Can I be a member?

Yes, you would be considered an associate member.

What are the dues for membership?

There are no dues.

I’m interested in leading a Bible study. Do I need to be a member?

It is very important to us that the leader of the Local Fellowship be an OCF member. This is important for a couple of significant reasons. First, it is a matter of consistency for people in the Local Fellowship. A leader who is an OCF member is more likely to be leading the group in step with our Purpose, Vision and ministry philosophy because of the materials we will have sent out. Second, by being a member and on our regular mailing list, the leader is aware of current OCF activities which can be supported by prayer, emphasized and advertised within the Local Fellowship for their participation.

What are my responsibilities as a member of OCF?

We ask that you participate actively and prayerfully in the ministry of OCF with your time, talents, spiritual gifts, and financial resources. Living as an example consistent with biblical guidelines.

What are some of the benefits of membership?

  • Become part of a dynamic group of fellow believers in the military society.
  • Receive personal notification about OCF activities outside the Bible study groups.
  • Receive invitations to local OCF installation-wide gatherings.
  • A worldwide Linkup program of contacts for Christian fellowship at new duty stations and during travel.
  • Conference centers and programs at Spring Canyon, Colorado, and at White Sulphur Springs, Pennsylvania.
  • COMMAND magazine, sent free to members six times a year, features articles on Christianity, the military life, and OCF news and events.
  • Other publications, including books, topical booklets, and brochures, that address life, leadership and ministry in the Armed Forces.
  • Staff-led ministries at service academies and key military centers, such as Fort Leavenworth, KS, and Maxwell Air Force Base, AL.
  • A nationally coordinated outreach to ROTC units.
  • Regional staff who teach, encourage and counsel OCF leaders and members.
  • Regional conferences to equip and encourage leaders for more effective OCF outreach and service.
  • Spiritually Smart Family conferences under OCF's family outreach ministry.