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The purpose of COMMAND magazine is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in the U.S. Armed Forces by informing readers about His work through OCF people and events, teaching them how to integrate Christian faith into family, professional and community life, and encouraging and inspiring them to minister effectively in the military society. We welcome and solicit submissions from members and readers that further OCF's stated purpose and objectives of "Building Christian leaders, families, fellowships…for a lifetime." Not all manuscripts are accepted for publication. The OCF Communications Team reserves the right to select the best articles for inclusion in COMMAND or for use on the OCF website. 


  • OCF does not pay authors for articles that are published in COMMAND.
  • Articles published range from 600-800 words in length, and will be edited to fit space constraints.
  • Longer articles may be considered for use on the OCF website. 
  • Do not use endnotes or footnotes.
  • Limit quotes from other sources to a sentence or two. It is best for authors to reference the author and work and then put into their own words how it applies to their article.
  • When quoting Scripture, use the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible whenever possible.  COMMAND reserves the right to change to ESV as deemed appropriate.
  • Appropriate poetry and book reviews are occasionally published in COMMAND.
  • Submit articles in Microsoft Word or TXT format.
  • COMMAND articles are written in a popular as opposed to academic style, with particular application to the military lifestyle. 
  • Use lively illustrations, preferably personal anecdotes by giving practical examples rather than lengthy explanations. "Show, don't tell."
  • Define technical jargon and abbreviations (these may differ in other settings).
  • Include your biographical sketch of about forty words at the end of the article.



  • Leadership as a Christian in the military. These articles explore the many ways God has used you and/or your family or is using OCF members to minister effectively in the military society.
  • Military family life. Articles should explore how biblical truths lead to healthy relationships among husbands, wives, and children. Testimony may be presented from the perspective of a service member, spouse, or a child.
  • Faith and the military profession. These articles should present biblical truths relating to the military profession and society that seek to motivate officers to integrate these truths into their professional and personal lives.
  • The vision and work of OCF. Articles will illustrate what God is doing in and through OCF and its members in OCF's fundamental vision to embolden, equip, encourage, and engage others in their military lives. The focus may be on overall vision and strategy, policies and governance, international aspects, etc.



  • COMMAND primarily publishes only original works. We prefer manuscripts that have not been previously published and are not under consideration by another publication. We also retain all rights to published works in OCF print and online communications.
  • Sources of quotations and all other borrowed materials should be minimized, and those relevant to the story must be clearly identified in the body of the manuscript (In Secrets of the Vine, Bruce Wilkerson points out, "...") and not as endnotes or footnotes. If the copyright holder charges a fee to grant permission, the fee is the responsibility of the author seeking permission.
  • The editors work closely with authors, but reserve the right to edit all submissions for clarity, accuracy, length, publication style, and Standard English use. Editing can range from simple changes in a title to extensive condensing and redrafting of the article.
  • You may be asked to revise an article based on reviewers' suggestions. All accepted manuscripts are edited to conform to the journalistic style and standards of COMMAND.



Thank you for your interest in writing for COMMAND magazine. We recognize and acknowledge your time and effort as a peer-to-peer ministry to others in fulfilling their calling to the Lord Jesus Christ through the U.S. Armed Forces. If you are ready to submit an article for consideration, or if you have questions about the acceptability of a particular topic, subject, format or content, contact the OCF communications department at 800-424-1984 or comms@ocfusa.org.


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