The following books are available for purchase directly from the OCF home office. To place a credit card order, please contact Joyce in Member Services at 800-424-1984 or send an email to the Member Services department. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. There are also a number of resources available for free download in the "Other Resources" section that follows. 

OCF Featured Books


Thriving, Not Just SurvivingThriving Not Just Surviving
Deployment Perspectives for Today's Military Families

Dozens of families who have thrived through deployments share their experiences in this positive new book from OCF. Packed full of inspirational stories and pictures with select Scriptures, this book will assure, comfort, and inspire you to not just get through the many challenges deployment brings, but to thrive in the midst of them.
PRICE $10.00 each, or $6.00 each for 10 or more
> Available through OCF

Faith in the Fog of WarFaith in the Fog of War
Are you on the frontlines of war? Or is your battle deep within. These devotions, penned on the battlefield by Captain Chris Plekenpol, expose the depths of inexplicable suffering as well as the heights of incredible victory in God. Published by Multnomah. $9.00 each
PRICE $9.00 each
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Men of Honor, Women of VirtueMen of Honor, Women of Virtue
With each passing day, more and more young people are walking away from the faith, having been seduced by the world and unhealthy rites of passage. In this book, Dr. Chuck Stecker personally exhorts parents on how to direct their children toward godly rites of passage and godly adulthood. Published by Cook Communications Ministries.
PRICE $14.00 each
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Out of the ValleyOut of the Valley
Jonathan C. Shine, USMA Class of 1969, was killed in action in Vietnam on 15 October 1970. A committed Christian while a cadet and officer, Jon touched many lives in his short life--and continues to do so today. This book clearly articulates Jon's commitment to one-on-one discipling and shows the multiplication factor of mentoring that continues today.
PRICE: 1-9 copies $10 each
10+ copies $6 each

> Available through OCF

Where Cares Refuse to StayWhere Cares Refuse to Stay
Step back in time to the days of roadside inns, mineral water cures, and leisurely summer vacations in the Allegheny foothills. Through a rich collection of historical photos, documents, and personal accounts, Where Cares Refuse to Stay explores the rich legacy of hospitality at what is White Sulphur Springs, the eastern conference center of Officers' Christian Fellowship.
PRICE: $18 
> Available through White Sulphur Springs or by calling the WSS office: 814-623-5583


Other Resources


Spiritually Smart Family Conferences

Host a conference that addresses matters such as: loneliness, parenting, maintaining healthy marriages, conflict resolution, re-integration after deployment, and more.
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OCF For a Lifetime Introductory brochure, includes membership application. This brochure replaces the former Heartbeat of OCF.
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Pray, Discover and Obey - Seeking God in personal, family and professional decisions
1-9 copies: Free
10 or more: $.25 each

Pray, Discover and Obey - LEADER'S GUIDE


Tools for Christians in the military

The Religious Rights of Those in Uniform
by Robert Weston Ash
As both a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and a Christian, have you ever wondered, "just what exactly are my rights to freely express my faith in Jesus Christ-even while in uniform?"
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May a Christian Serve in the Military? 
As it must to every Christian soldier, this question presented itself to me.
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Professional Excellence for the Christian Officer
by Lieutenant General William K. Harrison, Jr., U.S. Army
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Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers
by Colonel Dick Kail, USA (Ret.)
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