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September 2015 COMMAND, Vol. 64 No. 3

God is Real and Active in Our Lives
By OCF Communications

"You don't prepare for a storm in the storm," says the CW02 Sheldon and Salena Duffy family of Sheldon's near-death experience with and recovery from leukemia. Their amazing story of faith in God and the power of prayer underscores the critical importance of a vibrant, daily walk with Christ in weathering life's inevitable storms.

Fifth and Ephesians Photography captured the unmitigated joy of the Duffy family after Sheldon's recovery with their photos on the front cover and accompanying the article.

For more information on Fifth and Ephesians Photography or to contact them:

Allow God to Heal the Hidden Wounds
By Bonnie Gray

Bonnie Gray's resume includes UCLA graduate, missionary, ministry entrepreneur and Silicon Valley high tech professional, an expert at "figuring how to do things right and well." This highly functioning leader knew how to take care of everything and everybody--except herself.

In her Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest book, Bonnie chronicles how she transformed from merely surviving an abusive childhood and emotional PTSD from it to experiencing vibrant joy, beauty, intimacy with God and others.

The Spiritual Whitespace retreat Bonnie led for military officers and spouses of Fort Campbell, Kentucky's Warrior Transition Battalion prompted this letter from CH(CPT) Rob Sterling, USA, as excerpted:

I have been to many conferences, retreats, and seminars. My bookshelves are filled with the resources I brought home from these events. I came home from this retreat with resources, but more than that, I came home with transformational words from God.

I really don't know exactly how you did it, but in the space of 2 days you created an environment that was more than just information about finding spiritual whitespace. It was spiritual whitespace.

And it started with you being willing to talk about what you had been through, and how God met you in your journey.

To find out more information about Bonnie, her book, contact her to speak at an event, or read her blog where she serves up "up shots of faith for everyday life":

Mastriano wins book award
Army colonel Douglas Mastriano's book Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne garnered him four book awards including the William E. Colby Award for the bio on Sgt. York, a World War I hero and Medal of Honor recipient. The Washington Times lauded it as "splendid military history that tells the story of a splendid hero."

COL Mastriano is the co-founder of the Sergeant York Discovery Expedition (SYDE), whose investigative explorations in France's Argonne Forest discovered the battlefield site and supporting artifacts of York's heroism. The nearly 1,000 artifacts were transferred to the U.S. Army Center of Military History.

For more information on his book or SYDE:

American Legion Post Named for John Ford
Arrowhead/John E. Ford III Post 144, Arizona's newest American Legion Post, was named in honor of the late Col John Ford, USAF (Ret.), an OCF member. On hand to photograph the official ceremony that Col Ford's widow, Sherry, and others attended was Melina D Photography of Phoenix, AZ.

Melina Dellamarggio's professional work has been published in various magazines, television and on social media, where she's primarily paved a career in the live and promotional band photography industry.  

For more info on Melina D Photography or to contact Melina:

Transition Strategies Conference
OCF's White Sulphur Springs conference center

Are you preparing to transition from military service to a new season in life? Ever wonder what's next ahead--and how to get there?

On 13-15 November OCF's White Sulphur Springs conference center will host a workshop to help like-minded military officers who are exiting the military jump-start the essential planning process.

A transition and executive coaching team called Caleb Challenge will provide attendees with perspective, experience, and biblically based insight principles for moving from career success to the significance of serving God as a faithful Kingdom finisher.

Space is limited for the workshop of forty participants. To register or find out more information, contact WSS:

OCF Winter Retreats
With Christmas gifts and giving now not too far away, now is the time to consider the gift God has in store for you at either of OCF's two conference centers.

Come and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with other military Christians in Colorado or in Pennsylvania. Surrounded by the glory of God's winter creation, you'll be blessed and refreshed by fellowship, soul-stirring teaching, and a sleigh-full of activities that include skiing, sledding or just sitting in front of a fireplace.

At White Sulphur Springs
Winter Retreat #1: 18-22 Dec., speaker: Pastor Joe Batluck Jr.
Winter Retreat #2: 22-26 Dec., speaker: CH(COL) Marc Gauthier, USA
Winter Retreat #3: 26-30 Dec., speaker: Scott Redd
Winter Retreat #4: 30 Dec.-3 Jan., speaker: Dr. Gary Phillips

For more information or to make reservations:

At Spring Canyon
Winter Sports Retreat #1: 19-26 Dec., speaker: TBD
Winter Sports Retreat # 2: 27 Dec. - 3 Jan., speaker: TBD

For more information or to make reservations call: 888.663.1417

June 2015 COMMAND, Vol. 64 No. 2

What our re-entry from the Middle East taught me about our military family
By Leeana Tankersly

Finding yourself in need of resilience, flexibility, strength, and a sense of humor in your beyond-my-control military life? Leeana and her military family fully get the road you’re on. This author, blogger and speaker’s Breathing Room: Letting Go So You Can Fully Live book offers hope and encouragement to those engulfed in the military society’s hectic and unique demands: “You’re not alone. We need God and each other. The overwhelming days will not have the last word.”

To order her book, read her blog or contact Leeana to speak to your event:

San Diego, California photographer Katie Gardner took the Tankersly family photo accompanying the article. To find out more about Katie and her work, check out her online corporate, wedding, and family photo galleys, blog, and fun FAQ section:


When PCSing, build a RAFT for teens
By Dr. Dave Sanders and Raine Miller

Your teen’s push-away strategies for dealing with PCSing, including moodiness, hyperactivity, or picking fights to create distance, can negatively prolong the transition years down the road in future relationships. Help your teen develop strength in their relationships and positive patterns for the future. Time to build a RAFT together: Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewell, Think Destination.

Dave, a Christian Ministries professor at Judson University, is also the senior author/editor for RezLife, a online ministry of Club Beyond and the American Bible Society. Daughter Raine is a freelance writer. RezLife is a place for military teens to find answers for some of life’s big questions including identity, purpose, friendship, belonging and transition. To find excellent, engaging resources geared toward all teens, especially military brats visit the RezLife website:


Send us your #MinistryInAction group photo
Got great photo?  We love seeing our OCFers in action, and would love pix for consideration in COMMAND magazine, OCF Facebook or other ministry projects. Send OCF your high-resolution pix of your group at Bible study, an outreach project or a special get-together or event to managing editor Karen Fliedner:

March 2015 COMMAND, Vol. 64 No. 1

No items from this issue.

December 2014 COMMAND, Vol. 63 No. 4

No items from this issue.

September 2014 COMMAND, Vol. 63 No. 3

Making the ‘no greater love’ sacrifice
By Ben Ferguson

Ben’s touching article about the bravery of four WWII chaplains comes from the heart of one whose Kingdom work includes Adopt-A-Chaplain, a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to supporting our troops through the ministries of chaplains. Ben edits the weekly newsletter that goes out to chaplains and hundreds of supporters from every corner of the country. His primary ministry is serving as a "chaplain to chaplains." In that capacity, he communicates with deployed chaplains, letting them know that someone at home cares for them personally. Ben is a Navy veteran and an author of two books, God I've Got A Problem and The Shaping of A Man of Faith.

June 2014 COMMAND, Vol. 63 No. 2

No items from this issue.

March 2014 COMMAND, Vol. 63 No. 1

Speak My Language: How to Decode Love in the Military Marriage
By Jocelyn Green

As Jocelyn Green, her husband, and many couples can attest to, married life in the military is fraught with unique challenges: frequent moves, numerous deployments, and life-and-death situations. Jocelyn has co-authored a new book with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Gary Chapman—The 5 Love Languages Military Edition: The Secret to Love that Lasts. Geared toward military couples, the book provides tools helping couples identify, understand, and speak each other’s primary love language.

Jocelyn is an award-winning fiction and nonfiction author whose works include Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives, Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front, and The 5 Love Languages Military Edition. 

Catchlight Imaging, Inc., which provided the photo of the Green family, is the husband-wife team believing photography should be simple, fun, artistic and bring glory to God.

Four Key Christian Leadership Principles
By MAJ David Chang, HIANG

David Chang is CEO and Chairman of Chang Holding Company in Hawaii. This West Point graduate emphasizes that Christian leadership is not being the Lone Ranger. By following Christ’s example—surrounding Himself with the right team—Christian leaders can make an impact on the mission and people they lead. 

David is also the chief editor of The Art of Thinking Smart blog and finance column in the Star-Advertiser’s Midweek with over 400,000 weekly readers. He is also the State Chairman for the Hawaii Republican Party.

God’s Restoration for the Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior
By CPT Allen Clark, USA (Ret.)

Allen Clark is a recipient of the Silver Star, Purple Heart, and Combat Infantryman’s Badge, experiencing the terror while under fire or agonizing battlefield memories, and has seen years of psychotherapy and pills without any lasting relief of those he’s sought to help are only a fraction of the wounds of warfare—warfare that Allen Clark writes is ultimately the combat of the human soul and spirit. 

Allen lost both legs below the knees in a Vietnam War mortar attack, and wrestled with PTSD’s anger and sadness before discovering that ultimately the “ability to be healed…is based upon spiritual healing,” the key to which is held by Jesus Christ alone. His book Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior chronicles his journey of spiritual renewal.

Chaplains Corner: The Loving Restraint of Jesus
By CH(COL) Marc Gauthier, USA

Chaplain Gauthier, an OCF Council member, reminds us in this article from his HOPEFULLYDEVOTED blog that Jesus Christ could have avoided the suffering and humiliation of His crucifixion. But instead, Jesus’ loving restraint purchased for us our redemption.

NCR Spring Retreat
NCR’s spring retreat is 23–25 May at OCF’s White Sulphur Springs conference center. For more info, contact Bill Law: 703.220.2186. You can make reservations online at the White Sulphur Springs website.

Weekend to Remember Getaways
Scholarships are available for military couples to attend one of fifty-two weekend marriage retreats now going on through 29 June. CRU is partnering with FamilyLife to provide these getaways at forty-six locations across the U.S. Questions? Contact For more info or to register, go to or

December 2013 COMMAND, Vol. 62 No. 4

No items from this issue.

September COMMAND, Vol. 62 No. 3

PTSD and TBI Finding Hope in a Land of Silent Suffering
Are you or your loved ones floundering in the dark ocean of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury? There are several resources to contact immediately for help:

  • Veterans Crisis Line: Call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1; chat online; or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Veterans Crisis Line connects veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders.
  • Military Ministry’s Rapid Response Support Line and Center: Need prayer or resources for PTSD or TBI? Contact caring people at Military Ministry’s support center: 1-800-444-6006
  • PTSD Coach App: For a downloadable mobile app that can help you learn about and manage symptoms that commonly occur after trauma, check under Resources at

Finding Hope in a Land of Silent Suffering
by Marshele Carter Waddell and Kelly Orr, PhD, ABPP

“We don’t hesitate to consult a physician for a broken bone or deep laceration. We are not as quick to tend to a broken spirit or hemorrhaging soul.” Left unacknowledged, untreated and unnoticed, the unseen wounds of war zone experiences often takes military men and women and their families to “a land of silent suffering.” Marshele Carter Waddell and Kelly Orr’s book Wounded Warrior, Wounded Home: Hope and Healing for Families Living with PTSD & TBI candidly addresses what these and their warriors experience, and provides hope for healing and restoration through the God who has firsthand experience with invisible wounds, Jesus Christ. Marshele is the founder and president of Hope for the Home Front. CLICK HERE to order the book or for more information about her ministry, retreats, resources and to read her blog.

Divine Healing for Open Wounds and Broken Lives
by Marshele Carter Waddell and Kelly Orr, PHD, ABPP

Psalm 23 is likely the most well known of all the Psalms, and this except from Wounded Warrior, Wounded Home: Hope and Healing for Families Living with PTSD & TBI takes a fresh look at its application to today’s PTSD and TBI sufferers and their families. King David wrestled with combat stress, and poured out his heart’s cries in this Psalm, which also provides a framework for practical ways others can come alongside the military and their families walking this dark road to help them.

Vote Now in the OCF Council elections
OCF Council elections are now underway, running from 1-29 September. If you are an OCF member, we encourage you to exercise your vote.

Out of the Valley books available
Now with the new Fort Shine under construction at OCF’s Spring Canyon Conference Center, read about the spiritual legacy of its namesake, Jonathan Shine, whose life still bears fruit decades after his death in Vietnam. Books are $10, or $6 for ten or more, and contain a mentoring discipleship plan that author COL Barry Willey, USA (Ret.) and others have used. For your copy, contact the OCF home office at 1-800-424-1984 or

Combined Federal Campaign
If you are able to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign, please consider OCF. Our CFC number is 10531. If you are not a federal employee and would like to participate in the Lord’s work through the ministry of OCF, call the OCF home office at 1-800-424-1984 or check online at our Donate Page.

June 2013 COMMAND, Vol. 62 No. 2

No items from this issue.

March 2013 COMMAND, Vol. 62 No. 1

Thank You, OCF
Air Force chaplain Ren Vandesteeg’s anecdote of how OCF played a role throughout his military career launches the 70th anniversary celebration of OCF throughout 2013. If you have a story you’d like to share, send your remembrance to

Facing Our Spiritual Foes
An adaptation of his 1975 COMMAND magazine War, War, War article, C.N. Tokatloglou encourages believers that “the secret of victorious spiritual warfare” comes in living by faith, in Christ’s name and His authority. To read more about the legacy of Mr. Tok, who went home to be with the Lord in December 2012:

Serving God, country and Community
Former Air Force officer Ryaja Rhone Johnson describes the parallels of military service and serving in the army of God. For more information about this Chronicles of an Airman author, who now serves the less fortunate: 

Making Peace with Where You Live
Joyce Zook and her husband, former Army colonel Aaron, had twenty-six different home sweet homes in 34 years of marriage by trusting God in His plan and purpose for the places He sent them. Serving with Aaron as OCF’s Fort Hood/South Texas field staff reps, Joyce also helps women create success and balance in their daily lives with her Practical Christian Woman ministry. To contact Joyce or how to get hooked up with Fort Hood activities:

March COMMAND 2013 Prayer
Join OCF by going with other OCF members to God’s throne of wisdom and grace in prayer. In addition to the prayer requests Command will publish, OCF also publishes the monthly prayer guide Power in Prayer. If you would like fervent prayer by faithful OCF prayer warriors or would like to become a prayer warrior yourself:

Veterans Memorial Lodge Construction Continues
As VML at Spring Canyon progresses towards availability this fall, OCF’s Growing and Building campaign continues with fundraising and design for the second lodge, the New Fort Shine. Opportunities abound for partnership in advancing ministry to our military:

In Memoriam: Giving a Gift that Gives Back
Want to honor someone’s legacy or celebrate a special occasion while also financially sowing seed into God’s kingdom work through OCF? Contact the OCF Resource Development directorate on how to make a commemorating gift:

Choose Your Own Adventure
OCF’s two conference centers have summer schedules full of fun and Christian fellowship awaiting you and your family. Check out the offerings and sign up today:

December COMMAND, Vol. 61 No. 6

From Mid to Married to Mom: Always Focused on the Rock
From academy life to the high seas of active duty and now tending the home fires as an expectant mom, Jacqui Kilpatrick has journeyed many places in a short time. Her tender poem is a poignant reminder that daily prayer and trust in God and His promises is where to place cares and concerns for loved ones, especially those serving in harm’s way. Read her story and poem here.

OCF/Valor Midwest ROTC Retreat
Cadets, midshipmen, and other cadre or OCF small group leaders are invited to attend the 2013 retreat at Pine Lake Camp in Iowa. 

  • 15-17 February, Presidents Day weekend
  • Pine Lake Camp, Iowa
  • $50 for cadets/midshipmen
  • $75 for others
  • Don Bentley will speak on “How do we show Christ's love in the military?” 
  • For more information contact:

VML Groundbreaking
More families, more ministry opportunities: construction of the Veterans Memorial Lodge at OCF’s Spring Canyon Conference Center is now under way! Though nearly at 60% of the funding needed for this phase of OCF’s Growing and Building capital campaign, we ask for your prayers and financial partnership in completing this endeavor. Contact OCF today on how you can join in the Lord’s work.

October COMMAND, Vol. 61 No. 5

OCF is here for you:

Caregiver of the Soul
Chaplain LTC Brian Bohlman, ANG, is the founder of Operation Thank You, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization benefitting our military members. Click here for more info on his ministry and to browse the online store. launched
Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Officers’ Christian Fellowship and several other military ministries, is now up and running. It’s a social networking tool you can use to interact with other military Christians.

National Capital Region Fall Retreat
NCR’s fall retreat is 26–28 October at OCF’s White Sulphur Springs Conference Center. COL Bobby Little, USA (Ret.), executive director of the Christian Embassy in Washington, DC, will be the speaker. For more information, contact NCR link-up coordinator Bill Law via e-mail or by calling 703-569-2307. Registrations are available at the White Sulphur Springs website.  

Rocky Mountain High turns 30 in 2013
For nearly three decades, the outdoor adventure program at OCF’s Spring Canyon Conference Center has armed Christian officers with Christ-centered leadership skills and inspiration. Coming in 2013: RMH-X, a two-day extreme race of endurance and wilderness skills challenge. Click here for more info on RMH. Join the conversation on the RMH Facebook page.

OCF Conference Centers’ Winter Retreats
With the leaves full in their autumn glory, now is the time make reservations for the Christmas season by attending a winter program at Spring Canyon or White Sulphur Springs. Full of fellowship, food, and fun, these winter camps will make it a Christmas to remember!

August COMMAND, Vol. 61 No. 4

The Five Myths of Mortgaged Rental Property by Captain Aaron Stark, United States Army
To rent or buy—that great debate typically accompanying PCS moves. Aaron’s article urges careful consideration in considering which way you should go, and it’s something your trusted financial planner or accountant can help you with. To contact Aaron for more information on the mathematical examples behind his article:

Anchor Points 2012
Though from different services and places of duty, the Anchor Points Class of 2012 was unified as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus and as the body of OCF. Army LTC Ric Schumacher’s article on his Anchor Points experience encourages all members to participate in OCF small-group Bible studies, family camps, giving, and prayer. No OCF where you are? Contact the home office on how you can start a small group where you are: 1.800-424.1984.

OCF National Capital Region events
OCF members are invited to sign up for a pair of events hosted by OCF’s National Capital region this autumn: a banquet in Springfield, VA on 22 September and a retreat at OCF’s White Sulphur Springs Conference Center on 26-28 October. For more information, contact Bill Law:

June COMMAND, Vol. 61 No. 3

On Point: What you do and how you lead does matter by David Warner, OCF executive director

OCF newly commissioned officers: stay connected to OCF by utilizing:

Check out the new Military Believer’s website and join an online social network with other Christian military men and women.

With the love of a clanging cymbal by Eric Creekmore
A former Marine major, Eric is passionate about challenging and motivating Christian men to live out the Gospel in their lives. To contact him for speaking engagements: Pastor Eric Creekmore, c/o Mission Church, 1104 Mt Olive Ln, Forney, TX 75126, 972.762.1409 or

The Profound Power of Parental Blessing by Dean Rizzo
Receiving a biblically based parental blessing or speaking one into the lives of our children can be life changing. At Spring Canyon Conference Center’s Father-Teen Adventure summer programs, dads formally speak God’s blessing into their children’s lives, using the Reverend Chuck Stecker's Preparing the Blessing guide.

Check out the Chuck Stecker’s A Chosen Generation website for additional information and resources, including a video on the importance of receiving a father’s blessing.

Rocky Mountain High Interaction Workshop
In late July and early August, U.S. and international military cadets and officers conducting military ministries will take part in the Rocky Mountain High outdoor leadership program at OCF’s Spring Canyon Conference Center.

As part of the Interaction Workshop for Military Christian Fellowships (MCFs), they will seek to improve their ministry skills, grow in leadership, and see how MCFs impact people, militaries and nations.

Learning through instruction and exercises, cadets will join others participating in Rocky Mountain High for mountain climbing, white-water rafting, rappelling and other activities.

Download a PDF (1 MB) that contains more information.

OCF Congratulates Ensign on Award
OCF member and recent U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduate ENS Tyler Dewechter received a Tomorrow’s Leader Award at the Aviation Week Laureate Award gala earlier this year in Washington, D.C.

The ceremony recognized the exceptional accomplishments of current and future leaders of aviation. ENS Dewechter was one of four cadets from the military academies honored at the event.

The highest-ranking individual in the Corps of Cadets who also served as USCGA’s regimental commander, he is headed to Pensacola, FL, for pilot school towards a hopeful NASA career. OCF’s USCGA reps Hank and Betsy Teuton said the honoree “has been exploding in his faith and love for God throughout this year.”

April COMMAND, Vol. 61 No. 2

Cannonball Lives in a Toe-Testing World by Kori Yates.

To get a copy of Kori's book Olive Drab Pom-Poms, there are a number of ways to contact her: or, or on Facebook,

Celebrating the Empty Tomb of Jesus Christ by Richard Meryon.
Richard is the director of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem and would love to hear from any OCF members visiting Israel. Contact him at: or

Lessons in Leadership-from a Squadron Janitor by Col James Moschgat, USAF (Ret.).
Adapted from his Lessons in Leadership: From a Janitor article that appeared in On Patrol in 2010. He would love feedback on his article:

February COMMAND, Vol. 61 No. 1

Finishing Strong in Iraq-and Life by Danny Byram.
For more information about the ministry of the "Combat Musician" to our military men and women, check out:

December COMMAND, Vol. 60 No. 5

From Pacifist to Christian Soldier by Dr. Robert Spoede, edited by Elizabeth Humphrey
The book can be ordered by calling the OFC home office: 1-800-424-1884.

Hitler in the Crosshairs by Maurice Possley and John Woodbridge
A true-life adventure story of early OCF member and leader Colonel Ira A. "Teen" Palm, the article was an excerpt from the book of the same name. It can be ordered here.

The Ultimate Freedom of an Uncaged Eagle by Col Richard Toliver, USAF (Ret.).
Adapted from the book Uncaged Eagle, it can be ordered:

October COMMAND, Vol. 60 No. 4

Spiritual Battle Buddies by LTJG William "Billy" Hardison, USN.
A Navy reserve chaplain, Billy serves as college and young adults/pastoral care pastor at Christ Church of Oak Brook, Oak Brook, IL. He is available for speaking engagements and leading retreats: 773-936-4249 or