Luke and Proverbs

When it comes to our lives as Christians, we are all at different points in our walk with God and with our skill in reading His Word. These devotionals are designed to help you develop your own personal Bible-study skills through daily reading in God’s Word. Whether this is your first time reading the Bible or you have read it for years, whether you are a new Christian or one who has been saved and in the Word for a long time, these devotions will meet you where you are in your spiritual walk. 

Here’s a quick overview of how to use these devotionals:

Each daily devotional walks through the same process of reading and interaction designed to help you build Bible-study skill and discipline your approach to Scripture. Some days have a little more “help” in the question element, while others stretch you to design your own questions from the text.

Step 1: Read the passage of Scripture. Always start with what God says, not what the author says!

Step 2: Read the devotional. It will help frame your mind toward the interactive questions.

Step 3: Interact with the questions. Four questions will help you dig into the Scripture.


Here are the four types of questions that accompany each devotional:

Say What? (Observation): Who, what, when, where, why and how are the key questions. The goal is to wrap your mind around what is being said to whom. Context is key!

So What? (Interpretation): This is where you begin to evaluate the main ideas of the passage and sort out the key principles it addresses. God put the passage there for a reason. What do you think it is?

Now What? (Application): Once you sort out key principles, figure out how they apply to your life. What do they look like in your skin? What is happening in your life that those principles speak to?

Then What? (Strategy): This is the kicker. What are you going to do about what you learned from the text? It’s commitment time.

Remember: If you are just starting out and find it takes extra effort to get through all of the questions, that’s great. Do as much as you can. Write down or mark the questions that stump you. Ask a friend for some input or march on over to the chaplain and get some insight. Better yet, get involved with an OCF fellowship group that meets regularly to discuss the Bible and bounce your questions around there. Anything worth doing takes a bit of work.


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OCF has partnered with Pilgrimage Educational Resources to bring you this set of daily devotionals. These devotionals are adapted from OnTrack Devotions—Military Edition and are used with the permission of Pilgrimage Educational Resources. For more information, visit