Sample Devotional

Lesson 18—Humility in action 

Read Luke 14

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted” (Luke 14:11).

In the parable found in verses 7-14, Jesus discussed two groups of people­—those who exalt themselves and those who humble themselves. The behavior we read about is not uncommon and is likely found in your unit. The exalter-of-himself works hard to manipulate himself into positions of honor. His motivation is not love for others, but promotion of himself. He will take over certain duties or assignments, but only ones that offer recognition, medals or ribbons. Invitations to his party would be limited to those who will reciprocate or who are the elite of the unit. Christ rebukes both the attitudes and actions of these people. The humble ones, on the other hand, do not assume anything about themselves. They care about others and put them first. They leave the responsibility of recognition to God. Their attention is on the needs of people and their reward is in heaven. How can you serve God this week in a way that will go unnoticed or unrecognized? Look around and find an insignificant person whom you can “invite to your banquet.” He may never repay you, but God certainly will. 


  • In what ways have you shown the motivations Christ condemns? 
  • Who are the “poor,” “crippled,” “lame,” and “blind,” in your world? 
  • How can you specifically apply what Christ said in verses 12-14 this week? 
  • What’s your action plan to make it happen this week?