Family Conferences

Larry and Bobbie Simpson

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Spiritually Smart Family Conferences, led by Larry and Bobbie Simpson, provide tools and encouragement for families, couples, spouses, and single parents struggling to cope with matters such as loneliness, parenting, maintaining healthy marriages, conflict resolution, re-integration after deployment, and much more.

Participants will become better equipped to weather deployment separation while maintaining the home front, and couples will better reconnect following absences caused by deployments.

Together, couples will navigate the extreme demands of family separation and will, like Timothy, become equipped to “look to the concerns of others.”

Spiritually smart families are those who conscientiously apply proven biblical principles to protect and sustain their families and marriages in difficult times.

Military deployments are at an all-time high, separating spouse from spouse and children from parents. As a result, couples experience added stress on their marriage, and parenting becomes even more complex.

Spiritually Smart Family Conferences help families apply biblical principles to protect, enhance, and sustain marriages and family relationships in turbulent times.

Offering Hope, Encouragement, & Solutions

Families, couples, or spouses attending a conference will learn to successfully apply Christ-centered tools to cope with matters such as:

  • Military deployments
  • Marital strain
  • Stress and loneliness
  • Maintaining strong and healthy family relationships in the face of duty
  • Conflict resolution
  • Staying close while apart
  • Communication and parenting tips
  • Re-integration following deployment

Speakers With Experience

We have volunteer speakers experienced in family matters who have “been there, done that” and have a heart to assist families.

Conferences May Include

  • Pre- or post-deployment conferences at any location
  • Featured experts in specialized subject matters
  • Special requested topics
  • Interactive sessions
  • Facilitated breakout sessions for men and women
  • Help for single parents
  • Wives-only conferences
  • Child Care

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