First Steps

The steps leading up to hosting a Spiritually Smart Conference:

1. Contact OCF Family Outreach
E-mail: or contact OCF
Phone: (253) 446-7387 or (800) 424-1984

2. Coordinate with local OCF leadership, post/base Chaplain or church leadership
Agree on target audience, goal, conference time frame, format, and/or special requirements, including financing of conference

3. Dialogue with OCF Family Outreach
Discuss requirements and confirm date

4. Assemble Local Team
Coordinators for prayer support, publicity, facility, refreshment, praise team, guest lodging, communication, registration, childcare, etc. Supply written description of their roles and responsibilities, along with timeline and suspenses (all may not apply)

5. Family Outreach Secures Conference Team
Specific topics, biographies, and schedule of sessions is decided; requirements for housing of guest speakers/facilitators is relayed to host base/post

6. Communicate with Prayer Support Team
What is the expected outcome of this conference? Generate a prayer list of ways we believe God will use this event in the lives of His people. Pray for details.

7. Meet with Coordinators to Assess Progress and Problems
Walk through the conference schedule with details in mind. Contact speakers for special requirements and confirmed arrival information.

8. Conference Set-up
Tables, rooms, refreshment, mics, etc. Pray! Pray! Pray!