Follow Your Calling

OCF has partnered with Follow Your Calling, an on-line assessment provider.

As we look over our constituents and understand their needs, we found there are two areas that this partnership helps us address:

1. Transitioning Out of the Service

Our statistics tell us that almost half of our junior officers who are OCF members will transition out of the service after their initial commitment.

Another large percentage of members retire each year.

The question both groups have is: What opportunities will leverage my gifts, skills, knowledge, and aptitudes in follow-on civilian or ministry careers?

2. College Students

One of the biggest concerns of every teen is not knowing their purpose in life. Many become frustrated when required to select their major in college -- and the average college student changes their major three times.

This can get expensive with college courses costing anywhere between $500 to $3,000. The question is how to help a student choose a major based on their gifts and aptitudes?

Almost 25 percent of OCF members have children in or approaching this age group, and we believe that Follow Your Calling can be an invaluable resource.

> Click here to learn more about The Call - a Vocational and Life Purpose Guide and to purchase the $79 assessment.

It's online and the results are delivered to your e-mail upon completion.