OCF Puget Sound

Larry and Bobbie Simpson

Col Larry and Bobbie Simpson, USAF (Ret.)

Larry, a University of Kentucky graduate, served twenty-seven years in the Air Force before retiring in 2003. He and Bobbie, who have three children and two grandchildren, “love our work—the high calling and privilege of equipping and encouraging our military and their families.”

For the past six years the heart of their outreach has been helping couples grow together spiritually, remain close, and withstand the military life’s unique challenges. Through Spiritually Smart Family conferences, seminars, and workshops, they provide the spiritual tools to help marriages and families thrive. 

As Puget Sound reps, they mentor, partner with chaplains and other ministries, and encourage local Bible studies—all some of the ways their OCF ministry “allows us to pay God’s grace forward.” 

Activities include:

  • Annual Puget Sound OCF Picnic 
  • Half-marathon fundraiser
  • Armed Forces Day community concert
  • Retreats—marriage renewal and team building
  • Community service projects