Tom and Cheri Austin

LTC Tom and Cheri Austin, USA (Ret.)

Tom is a USMA graduate who retired from active duty in 1995. He and Cheri, who have six children and six grandchildren, endeavor to “develop a biblical worldview in our Christian cadets, helping them mature into leaders serving their nation and Lord as Army officers.” 

Twenty-three ministry couples assist them with ministry to nearly 400 cadets: individual and small group meetings, weekend socials, and special events for cadets’ parents—largely taking place at the OCF Fellowship House.

The Austins’ other outreach opportunities include supporting the chaplains at the installation on a regular basis and teaching Bible studies: Cheri at PWOC and Tom at the USMA Prep School. 

Activities include:

  • Retreats 
  • Annual spring break mission trips: Haiti, Eastern Europe
  • Saturday Night Alive 
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Easter dinner
  • Specialized evenings: plebes, firsties, etc.

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