Monthly Ministry Focus

What is the Monthly Ministry Focus?

Our desire is to help meet the needs of our members, offer hope and encouragement, and explore Christian worldviews and perspectives. Each month, OCF will feature a ministry focus that will be used to shape and guide ministry messaging and communications to that end. The ministry focus is intended to be broad, yet relevant to the military society while also carrying spiritual significance and speaking to the foundational pillars and mission of OCF.


2016 Monthly Ministry Focus topics 

Here are the monthly ministry focus topics for 2016. We encourage you to engage with us on Facebook and Twitter with your thoughts, ideas, and comments related to each topic.


January: Identity

Who are you? Who do you want to become? What does God say about you? What is your life’s purpose? Often at the beginning of a new year, we ask ourselves, and God, these questions. During this month, let’s build our foundation and discover what God has to say about us.

February: Connection

The first half of this month is usually centered on romantic love, but what if we dive a little deeper and focus on connecting with Jesus and other believers? What about the love Jesus has for us and the ultimate sacrifice He paid to show us? The Bible tells us that we are called to be in fellowship (1 John) and to love and pray for those who mistreat us. As we center on scripture and equip ourselves with Truth, we will be able to develop our faith and share it with others. 

March: Leadership

A quick search in the books category on Amazon reveals more than 180,000 books written on leadership. It’s arguably the most written about subject in our time. With so many authors clamoring to regale you with their brilliance, you’d think that anyone aspiring to become a leader would have ample help. Unfortunately, we continue to hear about leadership failures. The world is hungry for real leadership based on solid, proven, biblical principles.

April: Renewal

As we enter April with the elation that He is Risen, how do we become more like Christ? What does it mean to be a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians)? How can we grow and build our faith to mature into the person God has created us to be?

May: Transition

Change can be exciting yet difficult. Some absolutely dread it. How one handles it can be truly telling. There are so many examples to draw upon in the Bible—we will have no shortage of things to discuss.

June: Family

Not just your spouse, children, parents, or siblings but what does it mean to belong to the body of Christ?

July: Freedom

No one knows better than those who have served or are serving in the military what freedom really means. As Christians, our ultimate freedom is in Christ alone (Romans 8:1-2, Living Bible version) who rescued us from eternal death. We will explore what Christ meant to be free (1 & 2 Corinthians; Galatians).

August: Prayer

Prayer is how we communicate with the one true God, who loves us and desires fellowship with us. This month, focus on Paul’s admonition in Romans 12:2 and “be…faithful in prayer.”

September: Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, where do we turn? What do our actions reveal about our heart? We will discuss several issues close to this topic.

October: Service

Initiative, Courage, Self-discipline, and Generosity are a few words that come to mind. How does serving affect those around us? 

November: Gratitude

Gratitude cultivates generosity (2 Samuel 9). By this time next year, we hope to be closing out the Growing and Building Campaign. What a great time to praise the Lord and thank everyone for their part in fulfilling God’s desire for this part of the OCF ministry!

December: Fellowship

As Mary and Joseph witnessed the entrance of our Savior, fellowship was born. Wise men and shepherds arrived to rejoice and give thanks to God. Like those humble beginnings, true fellowship reveals vulnerability and honesty as only God can orchestrate. Let’s invite others into authentic fellowship this month and in the year to come.