OCF Logo and Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided for members of OCF, who may use the OCF Logo in pamphlets, brochures, booklets, web pages, and other situations that promote or publicize OCF activities. The OCF Logo must be used in the forms stated in the guidelines. If you have any questions when designing materials that include the OCF Logo, please contact the OCF Communications Department at 1-800-424-1984, or by email.

For any use other than official business of Officers' Christian Fellowship of the United States of America, written permission is needed from the OCF Communications Department. The OCF Logo will not be used on or in conjunction with any advertising not related to the business of OCF. All rights reserved.


About the Logo

The OCF Logo recognizes the heritage of Officers' Christian Fellowship.

  • The cross represents the fundamentals of our Christian faith. The cross is empty—Jesus is not there. He was buried, but rose from the grave and He is with us today. We march behind His cross because we are Christian officers.
  • The stripes symbolize the second of our dual missions. We serve Christ while serving our nation, and these stripes are lifted from the flag of the United States of America. Again, we project the idea of forward motion with the billowing of the stripes. 
  • The three stars represent the Trinity. The stars are lifted from the flag of our nation to remind us of our duty as officers. They are always before us, entreating us to our mission.
  • The letters are the initials for Officers' Christian Fellowship.


Logo usage and guidelines


File formats

The OCF Logo has been saved in several file formats to assist you in using the proper logo in the proper format for the correct project. Each link will download a ZIP file that contains the appropriate OCF logos.


Download Web format logos

JPG and PNG file formats included


Download Print format logos

EPS and PDF file formats included

Note: EPS and PNG files will have a transparent background. Other formats and sizes are available if needed.


Logo Variations

There are 4 variations of the OCF logo:

  1. Full logo (vertical and horizontal), which includes logo mark square, full name of OFFICERS' CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, and tagline "Building Christian leaders, families, fellowships…for a lifetime."
  2. Abridged logo (vertical and horizontal), which includes logo mark square and full name of OFFICERS' CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP.
  3. Logo mark square, which includes only the square with the white logo. **It is preferred to use the mark inside the square, unless the project requires the mark stand alone.**
  4. Logo mark, which includes only the logo mark without the square (may appear white, black, or blue).


Logo Layouts

There are two layouts for the full and abridged logos:

  1. Vertical-centered layout.
  2. Horizontal layout.


How NOT to use the OCF logo

The following rules apply to the logo in all its types and layouts mentioned above.

  1. Do not change or alter the color of the logo.
  2. Do not change or alter the shape of the square.
  3. Do not change or alter the spelling of OFFICERS' CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, the font used, or the type case (changing the name to all lowercase, for example).
  4. Do not otherwise change or alter the layout. Use only the supplied vertical-centered and horizontal layouts of the logo. 
  5. Do not stretch, skew, or otherwise distort the logo.
  6. Do not apply special effects to the logo, including but not limited to: drop shadows, outlines, glows, bevels, 3-D, textures, or gradients.
  7. Do not place the logo on a background that renders the logo illegible.
  8. Do not use only part of the logo or combine it with other shapes, words, or styles. Use only the supplied Logo Types listed above. 

If you or a vendor feels one of the above rules should have an exception, let's have a discussion first before any decisions are made. The above rules are NOT intended to suppress creativity or original thought on a project. The above rules ARE intended to make sure the OCF logo is properly and consistently displayed everywhere. To reiterate: The goal is unity in our brand and our ministry.


The OCF tagline

Proper usage of the tagline, including punctuation and capitalization, is as follows:

Building Christian leaders, families, fellowships…for a lifetime


OCF colors

There are three blues, and a bright red, which should be used sparingly and only in special circumstances. The logo can also be used in black and white format. RBG values are to be used in digital-only formats; CMYK and PMS (Pantone) values are to be used in print-only formats; and Hex/Web are to be used in web applications. Following are the colors and their corresponding color values.


OCF Primary Blue

As the name implies, this is the blue that should be used in nearly every instance.

  • RGB: 0/43/84
  • CMYK: 100/49/0/70
  • Hex/Web: #002B54
  • PMS: 539


OCF Light Blue

You'll see this blue used only as an accent, and seldom ever as the color of the OCF logo.

  • RGB: 0/109/180
  • CMYK: 100/49/0/5
  • Hex/Web: #006DB4


OCF Dark Blue

Also another accent color, and seldom ever used as the color of the OCF logo.

  • RGB: 0/20/58
  • CMYK: 100/49/0/85
  • Hex/Web: #00143A


OCF Bright Red

Another accent color used sparingly, and never as the color of the OCF logo.

  • RGB: 227/27/35
  • CMYK: 0/100/99/4
  • Hex/Web: #E31B23


Logo fonts

If the logo ever needs to be re-created (whether the files cannot be found or for some other unforeseen circumstance), use the following free fonts, which can be downloaded from Google Fonts and other free font websites. 

  • OPEN SANS, bold, italic and regular (to be used in tagline)