Small Groups

A variety of resources to help you lead a small group, fellowship, or Bible study.


Effective Local Fellowships: A fellowship is effective when the leader understands and conducts the ministry in accordance with the OCF Purpose.

Online Bible Study: Using the Web to Stay Connected

Small Group Detours: A key to a healthy and happy small group is having free and open discussion with everyone participating equally. And nothing bogs down a great discussion like a know-it-all or an over-the-top needy person. People rarely intentionally derail group discussions, but there are five personalities frequently found in small groups that can ruin group interaction unless the leader can handle them smoothly.

Starting an OCF Small Group Fellowship: So you are thinking about starting an OCF group. Good for you!

Starting an ROTC OCF Fellowship: Starting a fellowship isn't difficult. The following guidelines can help you think through the process.

Step by Step Guide: Starting an OCF Fellowship


Bible Studies

First Bible Study: A scripted Bible study on the book of Nehemiah

Daily Devotionals: A set of devotionals and questions for personal or small-group use.

Bible Studies: Downloadable studies on a variety of subjects



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Book for Discussion

Thriving Not Just SurvivingThriving Not Just Surviving
Deployment Perspectives for Today's Military Families

Dozens of families who have thrived through deployments share their experiences in this positive new book from OCF.
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Studies to Purchase

083212: Leading with Love

Leading with Love
By Alexander Strauch
Leading with Love provides church leaders and teachers a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches about love. This understanding is essential to you as an individual leader and to the church as a whole. It will significantly improve your relational skills, enhance your effectiveness in ministry, diminish senseless conflict and division, build a healthier church, and promote evangelism.

If you lead or teach people--whether as a Sunday school teacher, youth worker, women's or men's ministry leader, Bible study leader, administrator, music director, elder, deacon, pastor, missionary, or evangelist--this book will help you become a more loving leader or teacher.

On the Frontline: A Personal Guidebook for the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Challenges of Military Life
By Tom Neven
Using examples from history, real-life anecdotes, and biblical wisdom, former marine Neven offers practical help to those confronting the challenges of military life. He shows men and women in uniform how to cope with loneliness; resist sexual temptation and remain faithful; manage money; build and maintain relationships; and face the fear of injury or death.

374422: Infinite Impact: Making the Most of Your Place on God"s Timeline

Infinite Impact: Making the Most of Your Place on God's Timeline
By Stu Weber
Have you ever envisioned your life as a story that's still being written? Do you ever wonder how your words and actions affect others? Keeping in mind that everything that's happened to you until now has meaning, Weber challenges you to examine your place in God's timeline, as well as to discover your unique purpose; to identify where you are within your personal story and God's timeline; and to determine how you can impact your world.