Warrior Connect

Remember when...

Do you remember when you joined OCF or attended your first OCF event? Recall how welcome you felt—like you belonged to something bigger than yourself. We want to draw on those memories and your years of experience in OCF as we welcome the next generation of members. Through the Warrior Connect program, OCF will link new members with a sponsor.

What is Warrior Connect?

Warrior Connect uses Sponsors to provide a warm and helpful welcome to a new member of the Fellowship. It is designed to be a first step in assisting the member to sense his or her “belonging” and to begin benefitting from the value of participation in and service through OCF.

It is not mentoring, discipleship, or a long-term relationship, but may lead to any or all of these in exceptional circumstances.

What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor is the important early step in bringing new members into fellowship in order to be equipped and encouraged. Sponsors offer several key attributes—Experience, Knowledge, Access, Resources, Friendship, Time, and Networking.

As a Sponsor, the Warrior Connect initiative intentionally draws on your wealth of experience as a seasoned OCF member.

4 Things a Sponsor Does

  1. Prays for his/her new member.
  2. Initiates contact in person or by phone (use email as a last resort) and also inquires about the new member’s interests and needs; encourages participation in a local fellowship, at a conference center or other activity; assists in connecting the new member to helpful OCF resources; and offers to pray with the new member.
  3. Follows up with information or a continuing relationship, if appropriate.
  4. Notifies the OCF Home Office when contact was made, and informs of any further needs OCF can provide the new member or sponsor.

Sponsor Agreement

  • Will commit to the OCF statement of faith and participation.
  • Will commit to the purpose of the Warrior Connect program.
  • Will pray for the new member before and after making contact.
  • Will contact new member within one week of notification.
  • Will share with and encourage new member through personal perspectives on membership, participation, and service.
  • Will pause from sponsoring for reasons of compromise or not being able to fulfill requirements.

Are you ready to sponsor?

If you are willing to serve in accordance with the Sponsor Agreement, please register your name and contact information with Bill Hudspeth, OCF Staff Sponsor Coordinator at bnjhuds@comcast.net and Joyce Baerg, OCF Member Services at joyce.baerg@ocfusa.org.

>You can also download this handy Warrior Connect booklet to act as a guide.

Remember: Make early contact upon being paired with a new member in order to provide early encouragement for active and fruitful OCF membership. We look forward to partnering with you and expanding God’s Kingdom!